Aria’s Bedtime Routine


Toddler Bed Time Routine

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Hey Babes,

You have probably read my Daily Toddler Routine, now I give you our night routine. It is so simple but so key for all of our sanity. We look forward to bedtime, so getting it off without a hitch is important to get our butts to bed on time.

7:00: Bathtime

Aria is so messy with dinner. She will get it all over her face, chest, and in her hair so we pretty much bathe her every night to every other night.

Bath time with Tubby Todd Bubble Bath Bath time with Tubby Todd Bubble Bath

7:15: Lotion and Pj’s

After the tub we lotion her up and let her pick out her pj’s. This sometimes is a process and a fight because apparently Aria is a nudist and would like to sleep in the buff. She sometimes hates when we put her in pj’s. As you can see in the photo below she’s not excited to go to bed.

Toddler Bed time routine

7:25 Sing Songs & Dance

Aria loves to listen to music dance and sing. So we turn on her ipod and listen to songs and dance around her room. This gets a lot of energy out of her system. We love that it wears her out.

7:45 Brush Hair & Teeth

I brush her hair and her teeth. This helps keep her hair from being to crazy in the morning. Of course I have to make sure her teeth are clean, I refuse to let her get cavities. I want her to have healthy strong teeth.

toddler bed time routine

7:50 Read Stories

We read her a book before bed. Some nights she chooses to dance instead of a book but we always read to her sometime during the day. We always have a book at the ready.

8:00 Kisses, Binky & Goodnight!

We make sure to kiss her goodnight every night. She loves butterfly kisses and this just helps her go to bed knowing how much we love her. We then give her her binky and let her drift off to sleep. She often has to have her “rainbow kitty”. Good night Aria!

toddler night time routine

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