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This pattern mixing  with owls and stripes has me so ready for summer. If you hadn’t guessed by now, I love Lularoe. I honestly should sell it. There was a consultant doing a live sale that wore this skirt and I went on the hunt for it. If you don’t know lula lingo this is called a unicorn. Since they only produce 2,500 pieces in this print it can get tough to find one you want!

My sister in law came in town and had a small pop up with a box she shipped here. This owl skirt was in her box, in my size!! I was so incredibly excited. Now, I had to find a top I wanted to pair it with.

The Skirt

The Madison is a midi skirt with pockets. They are all made of a different material. Some are silky and slinky, some are cotton and stretchy. It just depends on what your consultant get’s in their inventory. The skirt is such a fun versatile piece, it has  black and white owls with a few colored in owls through out the pattern. This opens up styling options. I wanted to pattern mix, because I am in love with it and it’s a quick way to add style to an outfit.

The Top

This striped tee was $10 on Jane. I love how the stripes mix well with the pattern on the skirt. When pattern mixing look for common colors. That is the foundation to building a well paired pattern. The striped top is thin and perfect for a summer look. Adding patterns to an outfit is an easy way to look stylish and put together. Some of my favorite patterns to mix are stripes and dots, stripes and florals, and stars and stripes.

The Shoes

Add a cute pair of sneakers like chucks to dress this outfit down. Pair it with sandals for a hot day, and then pair it with wedges for a dressier option. The perfect thing about lularoe is their pieces work for just about any occasion. They are easy to make casual or dress up. You may pay more money for the item, but then you spend less in buying multiple things for your closet.

Pattern Mixing: Owls and Stripes

Outfit Details:

Skirt: Lularoe | Shoes: Zulily (under $8) | Tee: Jane | Necklace: Happiness Boutique

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