Hey Babes,

Today is my 29th  birthday! I couldn’t be happier to spend it on my day off with this adorable little girl. I am so lucky to be her momma. My sister is also so kind to move into her house today so I get to spend my day moving her! I don’t mind at all, I just love being around family.

I love a company that provides cute quality clothes I also love a company that gives back. Lularoe donates a dollar for every Scarlett sold to the National Down Syndrome Society. The owners were blessed with a granddaughter born with Down Syndrome and wanted to donate in her honor. This is a huge reason why I love Lularoe. It is such an amazing company built on family values. I love every piece I purchase from this company.

The Dress 

This dress is so amazingly cute. Normally I would not spend $35 on a dress for Aria. Like all Lularoe pieces this is not just a dress. We can tie a tee around this dress and make it into a skirt. I can also wrap and knot the dress so it’s more of a fitted dress. So far that’s three different outfits, making it $11 an outfit. Right in our budget. This fabric is the leggings fabric, but thicker and softer. I love how this looks and moves on Aria. This dress is perfect for summer months and can even double as a swimsuit cover. Saving you more money. I love the primary colors in this dress and the vibrancy of those colors. The Scarlett dress is the kid version of the Carly, so you can also do a mommy and me look with your little. It will be hard to match exactly with her pattern wise, but you can find similar colors.

We also love the Mae dress (here)

The Shoes

Aria loves her warrior shoes. I do as well. They are easy to style with all her outfits and easy to slip on and off of her. Old navy makes really amazing shoes for kids, they know we need zippers and Velcro for ease. I also love how inexpensive their items are. Often, you will find pieces for $2, especially close out deals. Old Navy is def a favorite for kids clothes!

The Bow

I found a pattern on Pinterest for Sailor bows and I make them in every color or fabric I have left overs of. A girl can never have too many bows. With her shorter hair bows help her look like a girl. Her hair is growing so slowly! I am no professional at bow making so yes it isn’t perfect but it works and looks like a bow and that is all that matters!

Lularoe Scarlett Dress

Outfit Details:

Dress: Lularoe Scarlett Dress | Shoes: Old Navy | Bow: Made (pattern here)

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