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I love baby anything. Shopping for baby showers is my absolute favorite. I love looking for items that the baby can use as a baby, but can take them through their Toddler ages. Buying new things throughout their different stages can get expensive. I have taken the time to round up baby gifts that they can use as a baby and a toddler.

Baby Gift Ideas


I wish I would have known about this toy when Aria was younger. It is a suction toy tether made with food grade silicone. Perfect to place on their high chair while you are cooking, Aria loves to play with hers in the tub and in her stroller. It is a fantastic toy to keep you kids entertained without an Ipad or phone. Aria likes to name off the colors and pull the suction on and off the sides of the tub. This is an amazing gift to give a new mom for a shower gift.

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Personalized Blanket

Audrey’s Bear has the softest blankets in the entire world. I love all the different patterns they make to match any nursery. I got one for Aria when she was little, and it has been such an amazing blanket. She loves it and we take it with us on trips and car rides in the winter to keep her warm.

It’s also a personal piece to have as they grow up. You have a little memento of them from when they were younger. Everyone needs a personalized baby blanket.

Baby Gift Ideas
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Fawn Design Baby Bags

I have not had the pleasure of owning one of these bags. They are adorable and perfect for not just momma, but they make a mini version for kids. I see so many of my friends with these bags and they carry everything! Not to mention they are so cute to wear with any outfit. You want a baby bag that lasts, you will need a good solid one until they are potty trained and a little more independent.

Baby Gift Ideas

Freshly Picked

Every kid needs at least one pair of these moccasins. They work to keep your little’s feet warm and comfy. They have so many cute patterns and colors. Freshly Picked is an amazing company that gives so freely. They are so so giving and so kind. I love this company and I love every pair of moccs we get from them!

Baby Gift Ideas

Car Seat Fans

When your baby is rear facing the air does not travel to them as well. Here the summers are hot and I was always worried about how to keep Aria cool. I found these fans on Amazon and grabbed a couple. They are worth every penny. I place it on her car seat and flip it on for the car ride. The air helped keep her cool, and also helped her sleep. The blades are soft styrofoam so if the get their hands in the blades it won’t harm them. We also used this on her stroller walking around and going through the stores. This is a must if you live somewhere with hot weather. We still use this for Aria to keep her cool.

Baby Gift Ideas
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I also used them in this gift I made for my friend.


I love all the bows I have recieved from companies, but I have loved the ones I made for Aria more. Hair accesories last, and can be worn all through their childhood. When she was little and had no hair I had them on headbands, and as she grew I made them into clips. They are so easy to make and so cute for her to wear.

Baby Gift Ideas

I got my pattern for them from here.

Felt Food

These are perfect for you little kids. They last long, they are so cheap to make, and they will be played with so many times. I started making some for her while I was pregnant and made more for her for last years Christmas. She loves to play kitchen so it was one of the best toys to invest in.

Baby Gift Ideas
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Baby Gift Ideas
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These are all my Gift Ideas. What are some of your favorite Baby Gift Ideas that translate through age groups?

I would love to read them in the comments below.

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