Fathers Day Gift Guide

Hey Babes,

How many of you have procrastanated getting Father’s Day gifts? I sure have. Father’s Day is Sunday the 18th, so you better get shopping asap. Brandon and I give eachother a gift every year. Something simple but meaningful.

Everybody has a different budget, if yours is incredibly small think DIY projects with the kids. Mom’s love it and Dad’s love it as well. Painting a picture, making a dollar mug personalized. Hit up pinterest there are plenty of ideas.

If you are shopping and are clueless on what to get I have three different budget ideas for you to go off of.

Under $100:

1.Echo Dot: Connects with Alexa to do just about everything. Play music, message, send a text, connect with any smart home device in your home. Guys love when life is made simple by technology. This is on our list of things to purchase.

2.Tools: Brandon loves to build things. He built us an amazing desk here, and he loves to work on his car during the weekend. Tools are a great gift for the husband or father that loves to work with his hands.

3. Top Golf: I have not made my way here yet but I know my Dad had a blast here. My husband also loves to golf and this is a great date night option so really it’s a gift for everyone.

4.Button up tops: Every guys that has a job or goes to church needs a button up shirt. The softer and thinner the better. Brandon loves them to be thin and breathable. I can’t say that I blame him.


Under $200:

1. Smoker: The men in my family love smokers. We love to cook, party and BBQ. Brandon smokes any piece of meat we buy. Hot dogs, burgers, tri-tip, even cheese. They make cooking fun and the food delicious.

2. Security Lock: Like I said guys like to make life easier for them with technology. They forget to lock the door, with this lock they can do it with their phone. They lay in bed at night and can’t remember if the door is locked just a simple swipe of the phone they don’t even have to move. Now that I think about it I want this lock.

3. Ring Door Bell: This amazing camera not only shows you your porch, it can work with your security lock system. Say UPS is delivering a package you can see him arrive at your doorstep, you open your lock with your phone and let him safetly place the package inside.

4. Outdoor Bluetooth Boombox: This is amazing for music for bonfires. You set it outside for a BBQ or party and you have music all night long. An integrated microphone along with external controls to adjust volume and tracks, allows you to be a “Master of the Universe”, minus all the bulging muscles and weird swords, spells and such.

Under $300:

1.Drone: These are so much fun to play with. I love playing with them, I know my husband does. They are fun to take fishing and scout the river for the spot you can be alone in, or it’s just fun to fly and take amazing video of your surroundings.

2. More Tools: Again more tools, Dewalt is an amazing brand. These tools will get a lot of things done around the house. I kind of want these for myself in making a barn door for my mud room.

3. Xbox: I don’t really need to explain this one. Brandon loves to game with his brothers and shoot crap. They also have fun games for us ladies. I remember having sore arms for months after that ninja fruit game came out.

4. Go Pro: These are fun for any guy, mount it on a drone, mount it on the car for drive just about anything with the amazing quality picture it provides.


I hope this helps you guys on your shopping adventures!

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