Farmhouse Decor

(Links to items pictured: Lamp, Lazy Susan, Chalkboard, Windmill, Sign, Planter)

Hey Babes,

I don’t know about you but I have jumped on the rustic farmhouse decor bandwagon. I have always loved the shabby, distressed chic look.

Decorating can be expensive! Decoration with vintage farmhouse decor pieces can be even more expensive. I hope this post helps you from having to shop a million different places. I will list everything in sections so you don’t have to scroll through a million pictures, or read all this text to get to what you want to buy.

Be careful when shopping for items that are extrememly cheap, like from ebay, sometimes you get what you pay for and with home decor you want it to last a little while. Staying in budget is key, but do it a little at a time so you don’t go over, but you don’t waste your money.

Let’s get started:

Wall Decor

My favorite things to buy are things that go on the wall. I feel like they really take your decorating further than any other decor piece. Gallery walls, simple placements, whatever suits your budget and your taste. There are so many fun different ways to style your home when it comes to rustic pieces. You can upcycle, you can refinish items you already have, or you can buy from stores. Lucky for you farmhouse decor is very in and pretty much in any store.


Nothing looks good in a home if it isn’t organized properly. I love how blankets look on blanket ladders, I love how things look oranaized into bins and baskets. Everything deserves a place and I am trying so hard to get my home in order so that I may do that. ┬áThere are many inexpensive, but chic options for your rustic organizeing needs.



Ohh the kitchen! My favorite place to decorate. There are so many cute things for farmhouse kitchens. Shutters, pantry signs, cookie bins, bread boxes, table runners etc. I love browsing pinterest and drooling over many farmhouse inspired kitchens.


Pillows and Throws

Pillows and Throws add soft, homey touches to the house. They make a room feel warm and inviting. If you don’t believe me take pillows and blankets off your bed or couch and tell me how it looks. Cold and stoic. Making your own is always cheaper but it does take some time. Buying is always the easier option, but you do pay a price for it. ┬áTarget is my favorite place for pillows and throws when I don’t end up making them myself.



Now this is where things get expensive. You really want to do your home work on this part of decorating. Read reviews, save your money, and listen to your instincts on pieces. If you are not 100% don’t buy it.



I am not into rugs, I think they look nice in areas, they are just not something I like to take care of and maintain. They are necessary if you have all hardwood floors. I have wood and carpet so I feel like carpet helps take place of my need for rugs. I don’t mind front door rugs or runners in the entry way. Here are some really chic options for your rug needs.


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