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There are easy days, and there are hard days. Easy days are the days we bloggers usually post about. The happy pictures of pure motherhood bliss. Then there are those days we like to forget. The ornery screaming, the picky eating, just those days that are off days. These Mommy Hacks may just save the day.

Mommy Hacks

Aria is becoming a threenager and we have been having bad days lately with her sass. I have been coming up with ways to keep you and your kiddo’s sane on these days.

Some days when kids act up they are in need of attention, some days they are teething, and some days they just wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

File Folders/ Quiet Books

Quiet Books of File folders are a great way pick up their mood. They also help them learn colors, shapes, and numbers. You can make your own, or you can buy them on Etsy.





I know not every mom likes the idea of their child watching movies. I know that they work for my daughter. Some times she wakes up in the morning and just wants to cuddle. So it is a way us to not only bond but it is a way for her to relax and slowly wake up.




Aria loves books, they are my secret weapon for her bad mood. I love taking the time to sit with her and read stories. She sometimes likes to make up stories of her own. This has been the best way to change her mood.  We the The Magic of my Name. This book makes me cry, could be the mom horomones, but it is such a cute book and a perfect gift for kids.



Sometimes they just need to talk. Even if you can’t understand them, they may just need to talk or hear your voice and comfort them. I love to just sit and tell her how beautiful she is and that I love her. This works when she is requiring a little more attention or when she is missing her dad.



I know I get hangry and your kids do as well. Aria is such a snacker so we try to have healthy options for her, with the occasionally non healthy item. Lately we have been loving on the Veggie Straws. She thinks they are “french fry chips”. They also help her with teething.


Bath Time

When the day gets especially rotten I take Aria up into her bath. It is a way for her to do something to relax. We use lavender bubbles so it smells nice, and it usually calms down a toddler tantrum.



Going on a walk is also a great way to run out energy and frustration. This is always a great mood changer. We grab Aria’s bug net and go out for a little walk around the neighborhood.


Play Dates/ Outdoor Time

Sometimes a little outdoors is just what the kiddo needs. It is also a time for them to play independently while you supervise from a distance. You can get so many fun water toys for the summer from Amazon or Target. For winter months they can sled, build igloos, or build a snowman. Fall and spring they can do sidewalk chalk, kick balls, play in a playhouse, play in leaves or help plant a Garden. There is so much kids can and want to do if you just let them get some of the build up energy.




We love play dates, we have kids all around us and friends with kids around the same age. Since Aria is an only child she is always dying to go play with kids.



These not only change your kids mood, but yours as well. Be patient with them especially when they are at their meanest. They are growing and learning and they play of how you react to them. It is so hard to maintain your patience believe me we all have our mommy meltdowns.

What are some of your ways to calm down? What ways do you help your kids calm down?



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