Hey Babes,

So I am not the first nor the last blogger to be posting this sale. I won’t sugar coat things, I love Nordstrom and I shop their sales, other than that I can’t afford to shop there. These sales give us budget friendly girls a chance to snag something at a great price we normally couldn’t splurge for.

I have everything arranged in categories so you can find what you need easily. Let’s start off with my favorite piece of clothing to wear and buy..tops.



Tops are my favorite thing to shop for. My most favorite types are tee shirt blouses. They are loose, thing and boxy. Perfect for every season.


Dresses are perfect for Date Nights, Church, casual brunches just about anything. I love wearing dresses on really hot days where I just want to be cool, feminine and comfortable.


Skirts are another great staple for summer and for fall. They are perfect for so many different occasions and climates. Skirts are easily dressed up with a blouse or dressed down with a tee shirt. I love how much you get out of a skirt.


In Utah you can wear shorts 3 out of the 4 seasons, and if your a true Utahn you sometimes still manage to wear shorts in the winter. I am a jean or skirt girl, I have yet to find a cute pair of shorts I love except for my maternity shorts…but I am not pregnant so I can’t really wear them. There are actually found a few pairs from this sale that I might have to get for myself.

I do however love a good pair of leggings. They are mostly to just work out in and lounge in. There are occasions where the do wear them out and about. Nordstrom has my favorite leggings ever. The Zella leggings are the only leggings I trust, so I will spend a pretty penny on them, but they won’t fail me or embarrass me.




Now let’s be honest I usually sleep in loose t shirts and sweat pants with holes. They are the comfiest things to wear. In the blogging world I like to pretend I sleep in styling pajamas. Sometimes I actually have a cute set to wear to bed, but by the time bedtime rolls around I grab whatever I have the energy for and crawl into bed…especially after the ocassional night time battle with Aria.



Now I know it’s summer but now is the best time to shop for back to school and fall wear. Over sized sweaters are so perfect for camping, nights by the fire, out on a hike watching fireworks. Things that are made for a certain season don’t have to be restricted to that season. Sweaters also make great poolside cover ups.


Oh my favorite, favorite thing to buy. Why? Because your feet are always the same size. Well most of the time. I love shoes, you can never have to many..ever.

Toddler Girl

I love shopping for Aria. Nordstrom has some adorable little girl outfits and shoes. I love how they look on little Aria. I don’t often get anything there for her because I am cheap and can’t justify $50+ on a toddler’s closet.



Oh my favorite…Makeup and Skincare. I honestly could live inside Sephora or Nordstrom’s makeup department. The smell of makeup just makes me happy. I love to do makeup on myself and I love making others up. The only thing better than makeup is a deal on makeup. Now I am a budget blogger but here is the thing about budgeting..if you waste your money on cheap makeup that gives you breakouts..you will wind up spending more money. There are good drugstore options for everything but sometimes the higher end stuff is just the better option.


Happy Shopping Ladies!
-XOXO Cayli

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