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Reading is such an important thing in our house. I love the bond that it creates between not only Aria and I but Aria, Brandon and I. Watching Aria sit in his lap while he makes voices for characters is just such a heartwarming experience.

magic of my name

There are 10 Benefits and more from reading aloud to your child.

  • It creates a stronger relationship: Reading to your child opens up the doors of imagination for you and your child. By reading you get to go on all these adventures together. You create memories and you instill in your kids you are available to talk and read and bond.
  • It is proven in young kids if they are read to they are off to a better academic start. They retain more information, their vocabulary is increased, and it kick starts their imagination and creativity.
  • Speech Skills: Reading to your child and properly pronouncing each word helps with their speech and vocabulary.
  • Reading to them Early helps them grasp the concept of how to read a book, how to sound out words, and how to turn the pages at the proper times.
  • Better Communication skills: when your child has a larger vocabulary they are able to communicate with you. It is easier for you to know what they want, when they can communicate with you.
  • Language: of course it helps with their language. You can also teach them a second language early on so they have that bilingual factor going for them. Aria was taught sign language early early on. She grasped that quickly, but after she started to talk we stopped teaching her and it went away. Stick with it!
  • Logical Thinking: Reading helps them grasp abstract thoughts, as well as apply logic in various scenarios.
  • Teaching through stories: This helps kids grasp the concept of change in a more relate-able way. For example if a young child is about to be a sibling read them books about becoming a big brother or sister, read them stories about families doing things together and how things are about to change for them, but in a better way.
  • Attention Span: Reading to your child helps with their attention span. They learn to sit and focus.
  • Reading becomes fun: There were always kids in school that HATED reading. I was lucky to have had parents that read to me and taught me to have a great relationship with books. My mom always took us to the library for the summer reading programs. I want Aria to have that love for books.

magic of my name

Now we have so many amazing books we love to read. Right now we have been reading ” The Magic of your Name”.  You heard me mention that book on my post here. I wanted to mention it again because this is one of those books that really engages a child and their imagination.


You can alter the child in the story to kind of resemble your child. So you can have a guy character or girl character. The illustrations are so adorable. Marta Viader and Andres Arcos did a fantastic job at creating the pictures for the story.

the magic of my name

You are able to customize the dedication page. I love that your able to personalize this book!  Aria’s dedication page says “Hello Aria. With special affection, we welcome you on this magical adventure so that you can know the magic that is hiding behind your wonderful name. You are so special and so beautiful never forget how much you are loved.”

the magic of my name

You can create your own story for you child, niece, nephew, grandchild, etc. They make amazing and incredibly thoughtful gifts. You can customize your own here.

They offer so many options for this book. We wanted a hardcover to survive the toddler years, but this book is adorable! I cry every time I read it with Aria, just because it’s a special story, and it’s about their name!

magic of my name



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