Hey Babes,

I consider myself lucky. Aria has always been pretty good about brushing her teeth. There are a few fights associated with it mostly because she knows it means bed time. I hear brushing a toddlers teeth can be good or like wrangling an alligator.

Getting Your Toddler to Brush their Teeth

I asked a few mom’s what there tips and tricks were to get their little ones to enjoy brushing their teeth so I will share what we do, and what some other amazing mom’s do.

Tips & Tricks

We get Aria some decent tasting toothpaste. We use the strawberry toothpaste from Tom’s of Maine. They have a fluoride version and a fluoride free version. Depending on what you prefer. You want them to have a nice, white, strong..smile.

Getting Your Toddler to brush their teeth

We find a cute toothbrush that she will enjoy. You can find character toothbrushes on the dollar store or Target for inexpensive. Aria has a cute dinosaur toothbrush we use to get “bug poop” off her teeth.

how to get your toddler to brush their teeth

We also reward her for brushing her teeth by getting an extra book to read at night. If she doesn’t let us brush her teeth then we don’t read as many books to her. She loves reading time so that usually works pretty well.

Some other mom’s like to use different tactics and tools to aide in this sometimes daunting task.

Toothbrushes with timers- Amazon has a million and in different colors, characters, and sizes

Regular timers- They come in simple forms like sand timers, or more like tech savvy like apps, lights, or beepers.

Books- Kids love books, books are a fun and efficient way for them to learn. More here and here.

Youtube- I have seen some really cute songs and raps for kids to sing while brushing their teeth. Songs they learn from YouTube. Daniel Tiger, Elmo, etc.

Games- Their are apps on the Ipad and Iphone that teach kids how to brush and floss their teeth and what brushing does for your teeth.

Some Mom’s have done the reward system- If you brush you teeth you get a sticker and for every 30 stickers you get a prize. I think this is great and work for some families, I just don’t want to reward Aria for doing things she should already be doing. As a parent though you gotta do what works for you. No judging here. You can get a chart here.

toothbrush chart

Let your kids see you brush your teeth- Brush you teeth with them so they can see how it’s done and that Mom and Dad also brush their teeth.

Stay Consistant with you system- Kids need consistancy so they know what to expect. Stick to a schedule and brush every night. It helps maintain healthy smiles and saves you money from expensive dental bills.

Take your kids for regular checkups- They will also help encourage your little ones on how to properly maintain proper dental health.

DO NOT SCAR YOUR KIDS- Don’t threaten them that the dentist will hurt them that only makes their job harder, don’t threaten to pull out teeth, this will be counter productive.

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