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Hey Lovelies,

Shopping for clothing gets tricky when your a mom. When you find the time to yourself your too exhausted to go out and shop.  Even if you love clothing as much as I do. Then you have to face the guilt you feel in spending time and money on yourself when you could be buying the kids something.

First of all, you are allowed to take time to yourself and indulge on something for yourself. Even if your not a mom. We all work hard and if it’s financially responsible buy yourself something!

If you are on a quest to shop, but don’t want to leave the house Amazon has some really cute options. Being a prime member means you can get these items with free 2 day shipping. If you remember a while back I found some adorable joggers for under $20 on Amazon (here). Amazon makes it easy to expand your fall wardrobe without even leaving the house!

Fall Amazon Finds

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Like always please check the reviews before you buy, check the customer service ratings and make sure your getting something worth your money. I have only been disappointed with two items we purchased both times I failed to ignore the reviews.

P.S. Amazon is worth it’s weight in gold. We often do all our Christmas Shopping on Amazon. No black Friday crowds to fight, no long lines to stand it. Get a jump on Christmas Shopping it’s around the corner.

What are your favorite Fall Amazon finds? Have you ever ordered clothing from Amazon? If so how did it work out for you and what was it? Would you also recommend it? Let me know in the comments below.

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