Shopping for Fall Staples can get overwhelming and expensive, here are some helpful tips and a shopping guide to aid in your trip.

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Fall is probably every fashion lovers favorite style time of year. ¬†You get the dark rich colors, the layers, the jackets..ahh the trends. It’s more fun to style layers than it is to style a tank and skirt or shorts.

Fall Wardrobe

At fashion week back in Feb they released all the amazing fall fashion trends. I was so excited to see all the amazing styles and fabrics that will be big for fall. Fashion week always debuts trends 6 months prior to allow buyers to buy, alter and manufacture items. Just FYI.

Fall Wardrobe

Trends for 2017

-Reds, bold gorgeous red everything.


-70’s Plaid

-Retro Hats

-Victorian Collars

-Couch Florals (My fav)

-Mid length skirts ( calf length actually)


-Belled Sleeves

So knowing the trends will help you save money and time in shopping for the fall season. My rule of thumb in shopping trends is to find 2-3 that you love. Incorperate them into your shopping list. If you have a staple don’t repurchase a new one unless you find one that mixes in a trend. Ex. if you have a plaid top and find one with a Victorian collar, that mixes a trend with a staple. Two for one.

Fall Staples

fall sweaters

  • pea coat/ trench coat
  • oversized sweaters
  • boots/booties
  • scarves ( 1 blanket, 1 infinity, 1 dressy)
  • moto jacket
  • duster cardigan
  • black jeans
  • fall colored jeans (army green, cranberry, wine, navy)
  • Chambray Top
  • Hat (casual, dressy)
  • Striped Top Long Sleeve
  • Plaid Top
  • 2-3 Trend Pieces (ex. for 2017: Velvet boyfriend tee, red coat, embroidered jacket etc.)

Fall Wardrobe Staples

I have also made an easy list you can print off or save to your phone for easy shopping. I also created a online shopping list below that you can just click and buy. Don’t worry they are budget friendly.

Fall wardrobe staples


Happy Shopping!


Fall Wardrobe Checklist

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  1. Just found your post over at Cherie’s Shoe and Tell linkup and had to come over and tell you how much I adore the outfit with the floral duster worn over that colorblocked dress. That is a really creative look with the boots and the color combinations are fabulous.
    Great job:)


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