Gallery walls are chic, and make a house a home. It freshens up and warms up a corner, or empty wall. 

Hey Babes,

Gallery walls are the perfect way to make a house a home. They look so gorgeous and they really brighten up a wall. It is also a good way to display multiple family pictures if you are unable to choose just one or two.

Gallery Wall

How to come up with a theme:

I browsed the internet for a quote that I couldn’t live without out, and came across this one from Craft  Me Up. She has such amazing pieces, check out my Instagram for a chance to win this sign or if something else catches your eye use CHAYDE20 for 20% off. I love this sign here, here and here.

Gallery Wall

The theme I wanted to focus on was finding the one you love, and enjoying the journey with them no matter where you are, and what obstacles may arise. That drove me to a compass and an achor. Two things that symbolize what is described in the quote. Finding someone no matter what and anchoring yourself to them.

Now that I know the theme I hit my mood board.

Mood Board

I like to lay everything out in a mood board, so I know what I want to buy and how it will look together.

I just cut pictures out for inspiration and posted them to my mood board. I draft a few before I come up with the final one.

Once I have my mood board I go shopping.

Gallery Wall


Make sure you measure the area, you want to make sure it will all fit together. Browse the aisles first, thing about any changes you want to make.

Now is time for commitment, pick out the things you want for this wall. On my list I had letters, a compass, an anchor, a collage frame of some sort. I wanted these pieces to compliment this amazing quote I got from Craft Me Up. She has an amazing Etsy store full of gorgeous pieces. I could shop her store all day. Shop here.

Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall


After I purchase everything I lay it all out, I tape of the wall and have a look at everything before I start hanging everything.

Lay things out on the floor, rearrange it how you like take pictures and sit on it for a little. Take your time on coming up with your final layout.

I also like to tape things off on the wall I am working on. I want to see it up on the wall. Things look different when they are hung up on a wall as opposed to on the floor. This is where I make my last and final desicion.

Gallery Wall


I am not talented in this area but Brandon is great at this part. So I enlist his help to level and hang things so I know it is done right and things won’t fall of the wall. Mark your holes, use a pencil to outline your decor and hang your decorations.

It really is simple, sometimes the process can get stressful when you don’t find the things you want. Trust me I have changed my mind on this area of the house a million times. I am so happy with how this all looks.

Gallery Wall

Where do you draw home decor inspiration from? Don’t forget to enter my giveaway here, or shop for amazing home decor signs here. (20% off with the code CHAYDE20).

gallery wall tips and tricks

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