A guide to where to find the cutest fall booties and how to style them.

Can you believe I never started wearing booties until after High School?! I honestly stuck to flats, heels, and occasionally riding boots. I have dancer feet (aka ugly AF feet) so sandals were not something I started wearing until college. That is wear I also fell in love with booties.

I got my very first pair from Haute Look, I fell in love. I only paid $24.95  for them and they were worth every penny.

When shopping for booties I always go with neutral colors. I have only purchase one pair of colorful boots and even then they were only $8. I will add a few colorful booties to my list for you bold ladies, but I encourage you to focus your funds on neutral pairs.

When shopping for booties, read reviews. I love when booties are inexpensive but be on the lookout for cheaply made. Check return policies, and make sure if you don’t like them or the fit is wrong you can easily return them.

You will also want to make sure what type of bootie looks best on your body type. Ones that hit the ankle, ones that hug your foot, or ones that come up a little higher close to the calf. Always check size guides and make sure it is something that will look good on you.

Favorite Fall Booties

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There are so many amazing places to shop for booties on a budget. Shop around look for online coupon codes or sales. Sign up for email alerts and subscribe to clubs for more discounts.

Now that I have shown you what booties to buy, let me show you how to style them.

Tribal Fall

Aztec and Chambray

Fall Wardrobe Staples

Fall wardrobe staples

1 Dress 5 Ways

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