Prepping your Go Bag 72 Hour kit is made a little easier with these few tips. Food is an essential to survival.

72 Hour Kit Food


Good Morning Babes,

I won’t lie in packing these bags I got a bit lost in what to pack. How do I get as much food as I can into a small bag. This got tricky, but with a lot of research I found a way.

Calories..You want to pack high calories. A jar of peanut butter has the essential fats, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated after opening. Canned food has a long shelf life, and is easy to to store and eat.

Granola or protein bars will also help fill the stomach with just a small serving. When shopping for your food bags look for high protein, high calories and easy to eat.

In my bags I will include can opener for those cans who don’t have the easy open tabs. That way if you have food storage in cans around the house you still have a way of opening food.

Let’s get on to everything that is in the kit and why.

72 Hour Kit Food

Food Kit

72 Hour Kit Food

  • Oatmeal Packets (2)- Oatmeal is easy to cook. You can eat it with cold water in an emergency. I would pack the brown sugar and maple flavor. It’s fine on it’s own without any added sugar or flavoring. The oatmeal sticks to your stomach and if your able to heat it up and warms the body adding a little comfort in a trying time.
  • Instant Hot Chocolate (2)- This is another thing that can warm the body. It’s a little added comfort. This is not a necessary addition, but it is one I would include.
  • Breakfast Bars (2)- Eating on the go or needing a snack. I mostly packed these for Aria. Kids like chocolate and this is filling and easy to serve. I would pack two for everyone in the family, even add a few extra if you have kids that like to snack.
  • Canned Soup: I packed a different soup in everyone’s bag. That way we could all share and have a variety if we need it. We have Cream of Mushroom soup in my bag, tomato in Aria’s, and in Brandon’s I packed Cream of Chicken. You can also add these as a “gravy” into your MRE’s  or canned chicken breast, if you packed any.
  • Canned Chicken Breast: Protein, and a longer shelf life. This part will be another comfort food but source of protein. I would use this can for three people and since we each have this item in our bags we have 3 meals from it. Pour your soup over it or add the chicken to your soup.
  • Chili: Warm is good for the soul. You need comfort food to feel a little human in an emergency situation. It is also edible cold if you are unable to heat it. The beans and the meat provide protein, it’s higher in calories and you can share one can for a family to get more out of it.
  • Peanut Butter: This jar fits in the bag and is another great belly filler. Peanut butter also serves as a snack, flavoring, and ointment. Each of us have a jar so we can get a few meals and snacks from it. Not the most appealing meal, but it keeps well and doesn’t need to be refrigerated after opening.
  • Freeze Dried Food Packs: I hear these are actually pretty delicious, they tell you to try them before you buy them. With these I just decided to buy a different one for each of our bags. One has chicken teriyaki, one is a fajita bowl, and the other is a spaghetti meal. Each of these packets serves 2. I don’t eat a lot and neither does Aria so I am thinking we can share and get more meals out of these.

72 Hour Kit Food

Emergency Essentials has some amazing deals everyday for MRE’s of Freeze Dried food. They also have items for food storage that I hear tastes pretty good.

I would love to know what you guys include in your 72 hour food kit.  With rationing this bag can get you 10-15 meals. In an emergency, you will need to ration. 72 hours can easily turn into 2 weeks. Be prepared and learn survival skills.

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