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I feel like there is a gift guide out there for pretty much anyone and everyone. However, I feel there is one very special group that gets left out.

My family and I  served in many different special needs groups. I have such a soft spot for those with “special needs”. They are the smartest, most gifted people. The way they think and process things. We had a kid in our group who drew whatever popped into his mind, and they were amazing!

My gorgeous niece has cerebral palsy. She does not let that dampen her happy, bubble personality. Kenny is so sweet and she just wants to play with the kids. I created this list with her and those sweet kids like her in mind. They may have special needs but they want to be like all the other kids. Run around, play and just have fun.

If you have kids with special needs and you have a toy that was missed please comment below for those parents (aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, grandparents, etc) out there who need ideas.

Special Needs Gift Guide

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Elefun: It’s an easy game for kids. The butterflies slowly cascade to the ground perfect for kids that have slower reflexes and trouble with upper joints.

Duplo Blocks: Often kids like my niece cant maneuver tiny little legos. Bigger blocks like Duplo are easy to piece and put together.

Tent & Tunnel: Some kids may often feel overstimulated by sounds, smells and the outside world. This tunnel tent gives them somewhere to escape, read, or take a nap.

Infinite Loop Game: The Infinite Loop is a great game for dexterity. It is fun and easy for them to play the game in a wheel chair instead of being parked in front of a phone all day.

Puzzles: I feel puzzles are a great way for special needs kids to solve a problem on their own giving them a little independence. This helps build their confidence. I like the bigger pieces, they are easy to handle and piece together.

Free Play: Kids with ADD, ADHD can’t always focus on directions. Easels are perfect for them to draw freely and be creative. The ones that are double sided are great, they can draw along side another kid, or sibling.

Brain Flakes: Kids with Autism like repetition. These brain flakes are perfect for them to pieces together, get creative, and have that repetitive play.

Playfoam: This is perfect for kids with sensory impairments, or have motor issues. Not only is it therapeutic for all kids with special needs, but it’s soft and comforting. The creative play is so important for kids.

Lego Table: This is a great toy for kids in wheel chairs. It’s a toy that will help them feel included. They can play along side the other kids while everyone is seated. You can do half the table in lego mats and the other in duplo mats. You can make some here, here and here.

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