Say goodbye to your money ladies! I need one of everything!

Ok ladies Hearth and Hand come out 11/5 online and in stores. Now I have previewed everything and I can say I am most excited about the kitchen ware and the dollhouse. I am so excited that the price point is pretty affordable and of course it’s Joanna’s gorgeous style.

She even did us a solid and released really cute holiday¬† items! Thank the lord I didn’t go to Hobby Lobby today and I get to spend my money here.

Holiday Collection Favorites

Hearth and Hand holiday collection

Dollhouse | Ornaments | Giftwrap | Lambs Ear Wreath | Advent Calendar | Letters to Santa | Wreath

You can shop the entire Holiday Collection here.

Home Decor

Now of course you are going to want to browse this section. Galvanized everything, rustic shelves, and gorgeous mirrored trays. I am so so excited for this collection can you tell. I have watched fixer upper since season 1, and I love Chip and Joanna!

Hearth and Hand Home Collection

Music Sheet | Galvanized shelf | Tray | Galvanized Vase | Galvanized Shelves

You can shop her home decor here.

Kitchen & Dining

Ok I am not going to lie this is my guilty pleasure. I never set the table but I think I will with these cute table runners, napkins and place mats. I love everything about this collection down to the patterns. I really need to narrow down my list because I want to buy everything!

Hearth and Hand Kitchen Decor

Napkins | Pitcher | Cutting Board | Footed Tray | Plates | Gather Napkin Ring | Morning Beautiful Mug | Morning Handsome Mug

You can shop the entire collection here.

What items will you be buying?

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