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If your in a scramble to find something last minute for your white elephant parties let me help you out with that.

You can order these today and get them in time for Christmas Eve with 2 day shipping.

White elephant gifts

The Sushi Bazooka– $11.50

This all in one sushi maker is perfect for those sushi lovers in you group.

This completely random gift will please seafood lovers everywhere, or if your vegetarian friends who love to roll veggies in rice.

White elephant gifts
Selfie Mic-$10.49

Sing like a start and make your own music videos. This gift comes with a microphone, selfie stick, adapter cable and instruction sheet.

Before you know it your the next YouTube star… or fail, but hey both will make you money. Haha I would love to get this for a white elephant gift.

White elephant gifts
Snail Goo on your face- $9.99

Ok any product that says secretion creeps me out so of course I had to ad this to my list. It’s made of all sorts of crap for hydration but the most interesting ingredient snail secretion filtrate. Good luck with that…

White elephant gifts
Anti Soggy Bowl- $8.99

I for one had soggy cinnamon toast crush. And as a mom I’m busy keeping aria from dumping cereal on the floor so I often loose my cereal to the floor of my almond milk. Adding this to my cart for myself now haha.

White elephant gifts
Hey Girl Tea- $17.99

Kind of expensive for white elephant gifts but hey I am covering my bases with this one. Someone out there will think it’s a great idea. I actually wouldn’t mind getting this gift we all get sick and we all need something to make us feel better right. The brand has a few different drinks that look pretty interesting.

White elephant gifts
Universal Cup Lid- $10.95

When you have a million cups and can’t find lids for any of them. Aria has a million toddler cups and for reason the lids run off together and leave us lidless. Much like socks that never have pairs. What a great invention, and a great white elephant gift.

White elephant gifts
Finger Lamp- $8.99

Yes! I got a package of thumbs! Who wouldn’t be excited weirded out?

I’m not even sure what the heck these are or why but I kind of want some of them lol. Could you imagine opening a package of thumbs as your white elephant gift? I mean that’s kinda epic.

Around the House

  1. Red Neck Yeti: Grab an empty soup can and write yeti in the worst but legible hand writting you can write in. Grab a bottle of water and place it in the soup can. (like here)
  2. Melted Snowman (aka a bottle of water).
  3. Roll of toilet paper and on the bag it says “The world’s crappiest gift.”
  4. A life cereal box filled with lemons (get it when life gives you lemons har har har).
  5. White trash boob job (two deflated balloons).
  6. A package of batteries (Note says toy not included).
  7. Play dough (Every one could use a little extra dough for Christmas).
  8. Take a picture of yourself in an ugly sweater posing with a bunch of cats. Print it and frame it.
  9. A Tiffany’s Box: Inside, a candy necklace.
  10. A $10 gift card inside a block of plaster.
  11. Party in a bag: Whipped Cream, a Condom and Band aid ( yes I got his once and I still have no idea why a band aid was include lol maybe they are doing it wrong..)
  12. Sticky notes with eyes drawn on all the pages (The original eye-pad).
  13. A bag of buttons.
  14. A rock with a face painted on it.
  15. Netflix Gift card and Diaper (so you don’g have to ever stop watching).
  16. A bag of buttons.
  17. Dollar store movies.
  18. A package of fruit snacks, water, and a match (emergency survival kit).
  19. Goldfish in a glass (white trash aquarium).
  20. 2 carrots tied onto earrings (2 karat (carrot) earrings).
  21. A penny glued to a paper clip (money clip).
  22. Zip lock of cheerios (labeled donut seeds).
  23. And empty ziploc (air guitar strings).
  24. A pipe cleaner folded in half. (belly button lint cleaner)
  25. Dust Bunnies with googly eyes in a ziploc (pet dust bunnies)
  26. A match (labeled a poor mans flashlight).
  27. A stack of bubble wrap (stress reliever).
  28. A box of straw (straw hat, assembly required).
  29. A marble ( just in case you are about to loose your marbles you will know you always have at least one).
  30. A dime glued on a plastic ring ( A dime’n ring).
  31. A bag of straws (so your Christmas doesn’t suck).
  32. Glue cotton balls together and put some googly eyes on it. (pet cloud).
  33. Soda Can Tops pulled of the can, tied to fishing line. (silvur earrings).
  34. Men’s Underwear repair kit (white out, safety pin, and an elastic band).
  35. A jar of nothing (didn’t you say you didn’t want anything for Christmas?)
  36. Cheese Grater (Free Tattoo Removal).

White Elephant Gifts

Want more Ideas?

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What are some random things you can use as White Elephant Gifts?


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