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Now that the holidays are over we are planning for the next that is right around the corner. I know a lot of you probably stay home with the kids, like me. Some of you lucky ladies go out to eat or go to parties. I have compiled a list of outfits that work for date night out, or a fun family time in.

When planning for NYE outfits of course you want to go with sparkle and sequins. That is what I love to shop for. I love how glitter and sequins look with a dark solid color. It just makes the outfit pop.

Dressing in pajamas or leggings when your home is another must. You just want to be comfortable for all the games or movies you will be watching with the family.

Our family tradition is to bring a crap ton of food and every game we own, and we stay up all night playing games and listening to goo music. Our favorite games to play lately are Cards Against Humanity, and What do you Meme. They are not games for anyone little or easily offended the cards can get pretty vile. So be aware if you look those games up.

Back to the outfits. I will show you some dressy outfits first and work our way to casual. Let’s get started.

Dressy NYE Outfits

New Years Eve Outfits

Outfit details here.

A cute oversized sweater, and a cute pencil skirt is a basic night out look. I would wear this out to dinner or to a NYE party with friends. It is comfortable but dressed up enough to go out in. The tights will keep your legs warm and the booties will keep your feet from dying if there is dancing involved.

New Years Eve Outfits

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I love this outfit! This is an outfit I love to wear over and over. Don’t judge. The great thing about this outfit is that it applies to every season. I can wear it when it is cold out and when it is warm. I love this for NYE because it is colorful and fun. The jacket is warm and perfect for going out for drinks, or dinner. Whatever you NYE entails this outfit is perfect for it.

New Years Eve Outfits

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This is actually a dress I styled into a skirt. I love the color and reflection of it. Such a pretty outfit for a NYE night out. This is so feminine and so perfect for the holiday. You could style it with a cute blazer and tights for a colder night. If your somewhere warmer you can pair it with a cute blouse and some open toed heels.


Casual NYE Outfits

New Years Outfits

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This outfit is one of my favorites for a casual night of playing games or watching movies with the family. It’s putted together but comfortable. This top is such a cute delicate top perfect to hide the food baby you consume on game night with the family.

New Years Eve Outfit

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Ponchos are so cute, comfortable and casual. I love them for movie nights. My parents have a theatre in their basement and it gets cold. Wrapping myself in my poncho and blanket is the perfect movie night apparel. This was one of my favorite outfits of the year. I love it for NYE.

New Years Eve Outfits

Outfit Details Here

Last but not least a comfortable pair of pajamas is perfect for a NYE night in. Brandon and I one year just stayed in and watched movies all day. This was before my blog and before Aria. It was such a great way to start a new year. We did absolutely nothing that whole day and it was absolutely fabulous.


I hope this inspired your outfit for the night. I am going to link you to some pins that inspire me. I have not shopped for these looks yet but I guarantee you I will hunt some of these pieces down and purchase them.

Pinterest Outfit Ideas:

I can’t legally use these pictures on my blog so I will link you to the source:

Gorgeous Shift Dress | Sparkly Top| Casual Chic | Pencil Skirt and Red accents| Gorgeous shorts and tights

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