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This year has been one full of ups and downs. I wanted to start doing a yearly round up of my favorite posts all compiled in one place. I will pick one post from each month that I loved the most. It may not be the most popular pin from that month but it was one that I loved shooting, writing, or reading.


Yearly Round Up

You Can Do Hard Things

This post was such a cool post for me to compile. I got to work with one of my favorite brands (Cents of Style).  We discussed things that I have overcome and I got some amazing messages from you amazing girls that have also overcome hardships. I love blogging because we get to compare stories and discuss things we need help with. No judgments, no fear..just friendship.


Yearly Round Up

Yellow and Floral

This has to be my favorite outfit of all time. I was really proud of my styling on this one. This skirt was super cheap in a clearance bin at JCPenney. When I glanced at it I knew exactly what outfit I wanted to style it. This jacket was a Zara dupe from Charming Charlie. I originally saw it on Pretty Little Liars and hunted it down. After discovering it was sold out and too expensive on Zara I went on a theraputic shopping spree. I originally stepped into the store for a bag and found this exact jacket. I almost crapped my pants because when does that ever happen!?


Yearly Round Up

Date Night Chic

I fell in love with skirt. So many people had passed over it. The colors are even more gorgeous in person. When I shop for skirts I love ones that have a lot of different colors. That gives me the opportunity to style it in multiple ways, with multiple pieces. This is one of my most pinned outfits and I am so please it is because it is gorgeous.


Yearly Round up

Mommy & Me Gymboree

This outfit was so fun to put together because I got to coordinate with this sweet baby. I was so excited to see Gymboree had these really cute affordable Mommy and me sets. The dresses fit so well and I love how they make Aria’s eyes really pop. I hope to collaborate with Gymboree one day I have always loved their stuff. Even with them closing down their stores here in Utah I love their dresses for little girls.


Yearly Round Up

Mommy and Me Blush Tops

How cute are these mommy and me outfits! I found my top on a really good sale and grabbed it. About the same time I was shopping for Aria and just purchased her a cute pink top for spring. They came in at the same time and they paired so well together. I had to do a mommy and me set with them. The off the shoulders detail on her top are adorable and so cute with her bow jeggings.  This is another popular pin on pinterest.


Yearly Round Up

One Skirt Two Ways

My obsession with Lula was well documented. This is by far one of my favorite Lula outfits I posted. I wore this outfit to my brothers graduation from college and I loved how it kept me cool, but chic. The pattern in this dress is so cool and I just loved pairing it with this duster cardigan.


Woodland Baby Shower

Woodland Baby Shower

Throwing Parties and baby showers are something I love to do. I got my sister to come into town for a weekend and we were able to throw her a shower. It was so much fun and I loved how it came together. This shower was nothing compared to what her in-laws threw for her, but it was really cute and really fun. She got so many cute things for her little baby. I loved this gorgeous little shower


Yearly Round up

Fall Florals

Orange is not typically a color I gravitate towards. I saw this skirt and new I had to have it. This was a collaboration I did with one of my friends Sheri. Another thing I love about my blog I find amazing people to collaborate with and become friends with. Sheri is an amazing human and I was so lucky to harass her and work with her. Sheri I miss your face!


Ice Cream Party

Easy Ice Cream Party

Aria loves ice cream so for her birthday we had to to an ice cream party. It was so fun, so cute and so stinking easy. This was my favorite post that month not only because it was celebrating my favorite little humans birth it was adorable. I love hosting parties, I cannot express that enough. When I hear someone is pregnant, going on a mission, getting married I always offer to throw a shower.


Yearly Round Up

Easy Budget Friendly Costumes

Halloween…my love. I love this holiday almost if not more than Christmas. When doing these costumes I make it simple for everyone to recreate. Not everyone has access to make up, wigs, and fancy costumes. I pull these from my closet to make as close to the character as possible. Of course I use some imagination as to what they would wear in real life. I know it may not be exact, and it may seem silly to some people but it looks good and makes sense to me.


Yearly Round Up

How to style hats for fall

This was my second collaboration with other bloggers and I have to say it was a fun one. Karli from Everyday Ellis really welcomed me into her cute little boss gang and I love the girls that I have been exposed to. I really loved this outfit and this post was a lot of fun to write. I look forward to my collabs with this cute group more!


Yearly Round Up

Holiday Looks: Dressy

This shoot was the funnest shoot every! Again I got to work with this amazing group of girls. We had an amazing collaboration with Artichoke Crate. These dresses are beyond amazing ladies, if you are every in Utah look them up at Fashion Place. We got to shoot with an amazing photographer, and an amazing Videography crew. I had so much fun, it was a really long day of shooting, but it was amazing. Collaborations with other bloggers are so much fun, especially when it is with a group of stone cold foxes.

So that is my Yearly Round Up! I hope you guys have enjoyed my posts. I love this blog so much. It has really been therapy for me to overcome my social anxiety, self consciousness and I just look forward to writing these posts for people like me who need inspiration without a huge bank account.

I cannot wait for the new year and what it holds for me and my blog. Last year I was excited for plans that fell through on a new business opportunity, but I have my sights on something higher and I cannot wait to share with you.

Love you Guys!

XOXO Cayli


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