Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed.

I was provided the Dock A Tot, Swaddle Blanket, Baby Hammock,  and Basket for this post. All opinions are my own, and these are companies and I love and would trust for my kids, nieces, & nephews. 

Being a new mom is exciting, fun, worrisome and quite frankly terrifying. You go from taking care of yourself to nourishing and raising another life.

Dock A Tot

There are so many products now on the market that I wish I had with Aria. When she would go down for naps at my parents’ house we would build a fortress to keep her safe. I didn’t have the heaven-inspired Dock A Tot.


This is a huge and much-needed gift. We usually have 4-6 people that go in on such a special gift like this. You want to provide a first time parent with things that make their days, and nights easier. This does just that. My sister absolutely loves this Dock A Tot and uses every day for her adorable newborn.


Dock A Tot released a new Fairytale collection. I fell in love with the La vie en Rose pattern and the Carrara Marble. There are so many adorable patterns, and covers you can get for the Dock A Tot. They have two sizes available Deluxe |0-8 months| and the Grand |9-36 months|.

Dock A Tot

The Dock A Tot was designed in Sweden and handmade in Europe with all natural 100% cotton. Tested for breathability so the baby can be comfortable and the momma can rest easy knowing this was made with tender loving care.

Dock A Tot

This is not only a co-sleeper it’s a multifunctional lounger. It is absolutely worth every penny so I highly recommend this going on every baby registry. This is a must-have gift for every mom!

Dock A Tot

The Dock A Tot is also perfect for introducing fur babies to your human baby. It was so cute to watch my niece be guarded and watched over by her sweet dog Nunu.

Dock A Tot

Ollie World Swaddle Blanket

Another important gift is The Ollie World swaddle blanket. This blanket is easy to use, quick and perfect for sleeping babies. It promotes self-soothing and eases the transition from the womb to your home. There are so many benefits to swaddle blankets. You can order them here.

Baby Shower Gift

Swaddle blankets made it easy for me to dream feed Aria before I left for work. This kept her from waking up too early and getting her much-needed rest. These are made with custom-wicking material to reduce the risk of overheating and sweat.

Baby Shower Gift

To make early morning or late night diaper changes easier they have an easy access to an opening at the bottom. This was designed by someone who knows how difficult it is to unwrap the baby, undo their pajamas, change the diaper, and swaddle the baby back up. You can both get back to bed quicker to get more sleep. We all know sleep is what keeps everyone afloat these first months of motherhood.

The Ollie Swaddle


Baby Hammock

Shopping with an infant in a car seat is tricky, bulky,  and the car seat takes up half the cart.  These amazing hammocks will change your life. You get to keep your eye on baby while shopping and you have room for your groceries. This is an absolute must for new moms.

Baby Shower Gifts

The Binxy Baby fits most standard grocery carts and can support those car seats up to 50 pounds in weight. Used for babies 6-8 until they can sit up on their own. What an amazing gift to give a new mom, but especially one that has more kids. One kid can sit up front in the cart while the baby is in the hammock. Going to the store with kids doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore.Baby Shower Gifts

I was at a grocery store just this past week and I came across a mom who had twins both in her Binxy Baby hammocks. Her husband works out of town often and she was telling me how she couldn’t ever grocery shop without these hammocks. No carts have room for two car seats, and she couldn’t possibly push two carts by herself.

They released two new patterns: Full Bloom and Indigo Dream. Every pattern is adorable for any baby.

It’s a perfect gift to add to a diaper bag. Add some toys and a blanket, for a cute and perfect little gift bag.

Baby Shower Gifts


Storage! Babies come with so much stuff. Every mom needs storage totes and bins. Especially moms who have limited space, a cute bin will be just what they need. To store toys, clothes, or bedding. Lorena Canals has the cutest nursery accessories, including these adorable baskets.

These pieces are made for both adult spaces and sophisticated kids rooms. Their rugs are so adorable I am currently eyeballing this rug for Aria’s playroom.

Baby Shower Gifts

You can fill this basket with toys, diapers, and wipes, or baby clothes.

Baby Shower Gifts

These adorable baskets are well made and will withstand kids. They also make really cute blanket baskets for next to the crib or rocker.

We use ours to store books in Aria’s little reading corner. It holds her favorite books and stories for easy access and a clean look. If you are giving this amazing as a gift you can fill it with some of your favorite baby books, or baby books your child once loved. You can also include a baby album so the mother can keep track of milestones.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

These are designed in Spain and made in India with proceeds that support the Sakula project and provide schooling for children in India.

We are starting to transition Aria’s room into a little girl’s room so I will show you that completed project including Lorena Canals products. Stay tuned for that it is going to be adorable

Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are something you really want to research. Find one that suits your needs. I love bags that have a crossbody strap, and the backpack straps. When Freshly Picked started their Kickstarter campaign I knew I had to back it. After receiving the bag, it was worth every penny. The pockets are big, and there are plenty of them. Everything Freshly Picked does is perfection.

Baby Shower Gift

This is the ultimate gift to give a new mom. It will make her life so much easier as she makes this new transition. All the love behind the gift will let the momma know she isn’t alone and she has so many loving people there to help her on this new journey. This gift is also the perfect group gift idea for those who are unsure of what to get the expecting mom.

Baby Shower Gift


What are some of your favorite gift ideas? If you want DIY ideas you can check out my diaper cakes here and here.

Other Ideas:

-Books and a Blanket

-Clothing and a package of diapers

-Socks and Blankets

-Laundry detergent and a hooded towel

-Bath toys, inside a baby bathtub and towel

-Baby soap and wash rags

-Stroller Fan and car seat toys

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The Complete Guide to Baby Shower Gifts



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