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Resolutions are often something I fail miserably at. I always seem to set unrealistic goals. This year I am going to set small goals and work my way up from there. I sat down and made a list of things I wanted to change. Things that need to get better, things I need to relax more on etc. Three columns were scribbled onto my note pad. Myself, my family, and my blog. Three things that mean so much to me and I want to work harder at. I did my guilt free resolutions last year (here).

Realistic Resolutions For Myself:

Realistic Resolutions

  • I don’t want to hide my confidence anymore: I always felt conceded being confident. So I found myself going the opposite way and becoming self conscious. This year I am breaking out of that and I am going to be my weird, inappropriate self.
  • I want to eat better. I am not going to say I want to loose x amount of lbs. That never works. I want to cut out sugars, artificial flavors, and scale back on true love.
  • I want to take more me time. Whenever I have me time I am often cleaning up messes Aria made, or working on my blog. It is me time but I need to center myself. Go out to eat with friends, or take a bath where I just sit and tune out the world.
  • Work out more. I do like to work out, I hate finding time to work out. I wrote down a simple schedule to adhere to. I will start off three times a week and squish in work outs when Aria is sleeping or when she wants to work off some energy.

 For My Family:

Realistic Resolutions

  • I feel like I let my blog eat into family time so I will most definitely not be blogging while it is family time. Dinner, games, movie whatever I will not be working.
  • Do more things as a family. Go out to eat, go to a movie, go to the park I don’t care I want to live in the moment with the people I love most.
  • Cook more. This past year we have eaten out a lot more than I care to share. I want to get back to making home made meals.
  • Be more active as a family. Go on more walks, go camping etc.

For My Blog:

Realistic Resoltions

  • Work with more brands. I have told you time and time again that I stay away from too many sponsored posts because I didn’t want this blog to turn into a walking ad. I have found a good way to balance the two so this year you will see more brands I love.
  • Collaborate with bloggers. I recently found a group of amazing women who are a community over a competition. Collaborating with them leaves me feeling inspired and better about myself. Kate, Karli, Chelsie, Keara and Abby you girls are amazing.
  • Be more consistent. I have plans, and I have planners to keep those plans. Watch out 2018.
  • Do more Giveaways. Brandon and I have really been cracking down on paying off debt. So I really didn’t do many giveaways and that sucked. I found a way to work more of my budget into giveaways for those awesome people who read and follow me on my social media. I will also do more giveaways here on the blog instead of just instagram for you ladies who don’t have instagram.

All in all I think these goals are pretty realistic to achieve. I have a plan, so I really hope to stick to it for my mental health and my physical health.

What are some of your realistic resolutions?

Realistic Resolutions

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