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My skin is dry, to begin with, winter murders my skin. I get so dry and so scratchy. My face and hands take it the hardest. I do have really bad eczema so that doesn’t help in my problem either. Here are some of my winter survival tips and products.

I have found a few products that help my skin survive the dry winter air.

Winter Skin Survival

Coconut Oil

My miracle drug. I use this for pretty much anything and everything. Coconut oil has aided Aria’s diaper rash, my eczema, dry lips, cracking skin, gallbladder issues just about anything. You can use it for cooking as well it’s really good for your metabolism.

I take coconut oil orally and I place it over my trouble areas. When my face is really dry I do a mask treatment with it. Spread it on your face and let it sit for 20 minutes.


Burts Bees Lotion

Burts Bees has been a favorite product every since Aria was born. We love the lotion for her skin and ours. It really saves us all from the cracking hands. I love the natural ingredients in the lotion and it has an amazing smell.

Baby Oil

When my face is really dry and I don’t have Coconut oil on hand I use baby oil. I put it on my face and take a hot bath. I feel like the steam from the hot bath helps open up the pores and allows them to soak up the oils my skin doesn’t produce. I have done this a few times and my face is baby butt soft after a while.

Keeping your skin well moisturized helps prevent wrinkles and aging skin.

Face Mask

I found this clay mask on Amazon and it was really inexpensive. There were so many good reviews I gave it a try and really liked the results. It is a bit hard to clean off so do it before stepping into the shower, take a wash rag with you.

*it will leave your skin a little red afterward*

Winter Survival: Skin


Items I want to try 

I have heard face steamers are amazing for adult acne and dry skin. I really want to try one and give myself a facial once a week.

K-SKINFacial Steamer Superfine Hot Mist to Moisturize and Cleanse Compact Design

I have heard really good things about sheet masks and there are a few I want to try but can’t quite take the leap into paying that much for a mask.

Last, of all, I really want to try to go to a spa once every other month and have them really work on my skin. I know it is an expensive trip, but when you have amazing skin you don’t have to apply too much makeup saving money in the long run, right?!

Winter Masks for dry skin

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