Good Morning Babes,

I have been browsing pinterest lately for some bathroom sign inspiration. I would find a printable or svg file I loved come to find out they were charging over $15 for a printable!

I wanted to make some cute simple ones for you that wouldn’t cost you anything other than paper and printer ink and possibly a frame.

Good Morning Pair

I love these prints for his and hers bathroom. They are simple and chic and you can make a pallet style frame or modern sleek black frame. Hang them together or hang them on either side of the sinks. You can copy and save to print them or download and print them: Handsome {here} Gorgeous {here}. Both prints are 8.5 x 11.

Good Morning Handsome Printable

Bathroom Rules

This is a really cute print for kids bathrooms. I love the vintage feel of this print. This would look really cute styled with red and aqua towels and white accents. I’m putting this in Aria’s bathroom that is grey and yellow. I think it will look adorable with pretty much anything those are just some suggestions.  You can copy and save this to be printed at Costco etc,  or download it {here}. The image is 12×12.

Bathroom Rules Printable

Have a Nice Poop

A funny cute little fancy poop sign is needed in any bathroom. Our toilet is in its own little room so this will go perfectly on the wall in front of our toilet. I like that I can print this and color in the doodles or you can leave it black and white. Save and print this at home or download it {here}. The print is 11.5x 8 inches.

Have a Nice Poop Printable

Lather Rinse Repeat

I want to hang this print over my garden tub. It has the farmhouse feel to it, but chic for any bathroom decor. Keeping these prints pretty neutral makes it easy to decorate with and makes it easy on your printer. Save this and print it at home, or download it {here}. The print is 8.5 x 11.

Lather Rinse Repeat Printable

Today is a Good Day

I love inspirational prints for morning affirmations. It helps not only wake up in a positive mood but helps you start it off on the right foot. This will be going in Aria’s bathroom right above her hand towels. You can save and have this printed at Costco etc or download it {here}. The print is 12×12.

Today is a good day printable


This is a simple black and white print for pretty much any bathroom. It is neutral and can be put in any bathroom or on any bathroom door. If you have a Cricut or silhouette program you can save this file and convert it to an SVG file and cut it out of vinyl which I will be doing for our guest bathroom. You can save and have this printed at Costco etc, or download it {here}. The printable is 12×12.

Restroom Printable

Wash Away Your Troubles

This is another print that would look really cute above or next to a tub. Especially in a kids bathroom. I love the cute saying and this can apply to a bar cart with champagne. You can save and print this at home or download the print {here}. The print is 11 x 8.5.

Wash Away Your Troubles Printable

Better Late

This print is really cute and funny. I really don’t believe there is a such thing as an ugly woman. Women are beautiful, every single one. This print is perfect over a vanity or desk where you do your makeup. I would put this in a cute hot pink or cold frame and put it in my office. You can save this image and print at Costco etc, or download the print {here}. The print is 12×12.

Better Late Printable

Sing in the shower

This print is really cute to hang over towels right across from your shower. That is exactly where I will be hanging my print. I made up this quote because this is something you should live by. Life is so short make fun of it and love it. You can save this and have it printed at Costco or download it {here}. The print is 12×12.

Sing in the ShowerDance in the MirrorMake love in the tub& live life to the fullest printable

Get Naked

I want to cut this out in vinyl and have it etched on the outside of my shower door. Make it look frosted. This phrase is perfect for a shower door, or next to a bathtub. It’s not meant to be provocative, just perfect for a bathroom. You can save this and have it printed at Costco etc, or download it {here}.

Get Naked Printable

I hope you like these prints. I want to see pictures if you end up using any of them. Post them on my Facebook {here} or tag me on Instagram {here}.

10 free Bathroom Printable






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