Good Morning Ladies,

Sometimes a night in is the perfect Valentines Day. Snuggled up on the couch watching your favorite show together, or movie.

Casual Valentines Day

When I know I am staying home and watching tv with Brandon for our Date Night I like to still look cute, but comfortable. A festive flair with this Heart Sweater adds to the night.

Casual Valentines Day

I found this sweater a little while ago from Cents of Style. There isn’t anything fancy about this sweater it was inexpensive, but it looked really warm and cozy.

Casual Valentines Day

Pairing this sweater with a pair of stretchy distressed jeggings adds comfort and style to the look. You could always do a cute pair of black joggers with this outfit as well.

Casual Valentines Day

We will probably spend our night watching Breaking Bad for the second time around. Order dinner and relax!

Casual Valentines Day

There really isn’t much to this outfit. It is simple, comfortable and easy to recreate. You could probably wear sweatpants and an oversized shirt and your sweet Valentine wouldn’t care. It’s all about just celebrating love.Casual Valentines Day

If your single snuggle up with those sweet fur babies and enjoy the life you have. This holiday isn’t about being a part of another it’s just having love. For your life, for another person, for anything. I hated this day when I was single, but I look back an realize it was actually sometimes nice not to have anything¬†to do just sit and enjoy the life I have.

Casual Valentines Day

Outfit Details

Sweater: Cents of Style | Jeans: American Eagle (DIY distressed) aka old AF and I tore holes in them running around chasing my kid |


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