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Preparing your kid for the Dentist starts early on in infancy.

When I was pregnant I bought Aria a banana toothbrush. At about 6 months I let her play with it and let her brush her teeth and gums with it. I was trying to instill that habit in her from early on.

As she got older we started to brush nightly with toddler-friendly toothpaste. We started flossing her at about 11 months. I really wanted her to get used to this being part of her routine.

Preparing your kid for the dentist

Make a fun chart, get them excited about brushing and flossing. You can download the one I made here.

Toothbrushing Chart


It’s suggested to brush and floss morning and night, but as parents, we know what battles to fight. Try to do it at least once a day most importantly at night.

Practice going to the dentist with your child early on. Take them with you to your dental cleanings so they can see what goes on in the office. As an assistant, I sometimes let them “help” me with the appointment. This helps get them comfortable with the staff and what they will be going to do at their own appointment.

Preparing your kid for the dentist

We decided to take Aria in when she was three. That is the usual starting age at our office.

Beforehand, we practiced her visit. I set her in a chair and tipped it backward. I pretended to be the dentist and went through the motions. We practiced taking x-rays by telling her to hold still. In case she had a cavity we went through the process of getting a shot. Do not lie to your kid, but do not scare them for this part. Let them know there is a small sting but then it goes away and it makes your cheek feel cool and funny. If you tell them it won’t hurt and it does they will think something is wrong if you tell them it is going to hurt really bad they will be a walking nerve the moment they walk in the door.

Preparing your kid for the dentist

Preparing your kid for the dentist

We also let her practice being the dentist with her kitty.

Her first appointment was a success. She held still, she let the Dr. do his job and she was happy the whole time. She left loving the dentist and couldn’t wait to come back. Starting off positive will help them have a positive experience.

Preparing your kid for the dentist

I love my job in the dental field, I get to be there for all these adorable little kids first appointments. It is so rewarding to see them leave the office with a positive experience. Having parents that prepare their kids for their appointment make my job so much easier. It makes the whole appointment set the tone for their future appointments.

I like having bright fun scrubs when I know there will be a new patient coming in for their first cleaning. It helps distract them and lets them focus on the cool colors and eases their mind.

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How did your parents prepare you for your first visit, and how did you prepare your kids?



4 thoughts on “Your Kids First Dental Appointment: How to prepare and have a happy checkup”

  1. Wow..what an interesting article. Do you know of such a dentist here in Idaho. I’ve had bad teeth my entire life, even as a young girl. Every time I go to the dentist he wants to do a root canal. A few yrs ago I had all my amalgams removed. I too had three gold caps and underneath each to my surprise was not only amalgam fillings but cavities. The dentist did a root canal on an abscessed molar that also had a cap. I had bone loss and he did a roof canal!! You expect your dentist to know what he’s doing and what’s best for you.but there is no money in a healthy patient. I eventually had to have that tooth pulled due to the abscess.The dentist did not remove the periodontal ligament. I have several root canals, What are my options now? Thanks, Elaine

  2. I am so sorry you have had a bad experience! Whenever you do anything like fillings to a tooth it does cause some trauma to the tooth, as we age and we chew there is always a chance for a root canal. It is typical for a dentist to do a root canal on an abscessed tooth that is the only way to take care of an abscess, that or pull the tooth. Often dentists can go through a cap to do the root canal. I can’t say if the root canal was something the dr needed to do or not because I am not a dr myself and every case can be different. If you don’t feel comfortable definitely find another dentist, always go in for second opinions if you feel uneasy about a treatment. I don’t know any dentists in Idaho, but we have a handful of patients at my office that travel from Idaho. I hope you find a dentist you can trust!

  3. A child’s oral health is an important part of their overall health, and their pediatric dentist is an important part of your child’s health team.

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