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Good Morning!

You all know how much I love to throw a party. Viewing parties are huge now, with new releases of the latest season of a tv show, or binge-watching an old favorite. With all the tv watching you need snacks. Nothing goes better with movies and shows than popcorn and Diet Coke®. I always have one at the movies.

Diet Coke and Popcorn Bar

Diet Coke® just released some really delicious flavors in a sleek new can. The flavors are all actually really flavorful and crisp. My favorite would have to be the Diet Coke® Fiesty Cherry. It has the best cherry flavor.

Diet Coke and Popcorn Bar

You can find these in packs or in singles for easy on the go. Grab a flavor and tell me what you think! See what others are saying about these delicious flavors here.

You can find these flavors at Walmart, and for you busy moms you can order these on the Walmart Online Grocery Pickup site. You order online, drive to the store and have them load up your trunk. I do have to say if there is an item that is no longer available they do substitute it for you. When they substitute the item they don’t charge you a different price.

Diet Coke and Popcorn Bar

Have you tried Walmart’s Online Grocery pickup?

Now let’s get to set up for the party!

Diet Coke and Popcorn Bar

Setting up your Diet Coke® Display

Gather all your Diet Coke® flavors. I used nesting trays to display all my different flavors. I started off by using Diet Coke® Zesty Blood Orange, and Diet Coke® Fiesty Cherry as the base. As I worked my way up the tower I wanted to use colors that look good next to each other. It is all about the display! The next level contains more Diet Coke® Fiesty Cherry, then Original Diet Coke®. The top level of the tower contains Diet Coke® Ginger Lime and Diet Coke® Twisted Mango. All these flavors are really delicious and pair well with the different flavors of popcorn you will have available.

There are so many different ways to celebrate with Diet Coke®. Visit here to see how.

Soda and Popcorn Bar

Delicious Pairings

The Diet Coke® Ginger Lime pairs really well with caramel popcorn.

Soda and Popcorn Bar

The mix of lime, ginger, and caramel is a party for your senses and sure to be a crowd favorite.

Diet Coke® Zesty Blood Orange is really good with savory popcorn like garlic and lime or sweet popcorn like kettle corn.

Diet Coke and Popcorn Bar

Diet Coke® Fiesty Cherry is delicious with plain popcorn, or kettle corn.

Soda and Popcorn Bar

Original Diet Coke® is absolutely delicious with one of my favorite flavors of popcorn, white cheddar!

Soda and Popcorn Bar

Which of these flavors (here)  are you most excited to try?

The Popcorn

I set up the popcorn in these different buckets with scoops. All your guests can come through grab a Diet Coke® and scoop up the different flavors of popcorn available. It’s quick, delicious, and easy so everyone can enjoy the show(s). Everything here will keep you out of the kitchen and at the party to enjoy the company you are keeping.

Diet Coke and Popcorn Bar

Soda and Popcorn Bar

Small Additions

To the sides, I chopped up lemons and limes. I love a cold Diet Coke® with Lime. Guests love having these little additions to their drinks. Cherries are another thing you can have out as well! It adds color to your display while adding flavor to your popcorn or drinks.

Have you ever had lime and pepper popcorn? Yum! Which flavor (here) would pair best with your favorite popcorn flavor?

Diet Coke and Popcorn Bar


I wanted to include an invitation you can edit on the computer put up on Facebook, or have it printed and fill it out with all the details yourself. These are all FREE, you do not have to sign up for anything or buy anything. They are ready to go right this second!

Soda and Popcorn Bar

Invitation: Save this image or download {HERE}.

Movie Night Labels

Party Print Outs: Perfect for food labels, or you can list suggested popcorn and Diet Coke® pairings. Save image or download {HERE}

Banner Printable: If you don’t have a cute chalkboard to decorate the area with I have created this banner. Save image or download {HERE}

Diet Coke and Popcorn Bar

See how others are celebrating with these awesome flavors here.

What would you pair your favorite flavor with?


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