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You know I love Style Guides like this. Learning how to style a pencil skirt can be tricky. Sometimes you aren’t sure how to make it a casual outfit, or how to dress it up a bit.

Pencil skirts should be in every woman’s closet. Even if you aren’t a dress person a classic pencil skirt is always necessary for a job interview or meeting.  Yes, I believe there is always room for work pants and a pantsuit, but a pencil skirt is versatile. You get so many style options from just one skirt.

Let’s Get Started!

Color Mixing:

I love color blocking my outfits. What that means is I style a contrasting top to the color on the bottom. Yellow and purple are great contrast colors and look amazing together. This is such a cute outfit for work, parties, or meetings. It brings a professionalism while implementing color and personality. ( Outfit Details HERE).

How to Style Pencil Skirts

Make It Casual:

I love styling the pencil skirt in a casual way. This pencil skirt was paired with a oversized dolman top and some tights with booties. I wore this to a New Years Eve party and it was a hit. The thing I love about stretchy pencil skirts like this one, you can turn it into a mini skirt with tights, you can even use it as an infinity scarf. I have seen some girls use it as a tube top. Items like this that are so versatile save room in your closet and room in your wallet.

How to Style Pencil Skirts

Add A Sweater:

This outfit was really cute, but adding a cardigan to it really took it up a nothch. Every color in the skirt is found elsewear in the outfit. The teal is pulled from the skirt by my top, the coral by my necklace, the mauve color with my sweater and the yellow with my shoes. I love this outfit because it is fun, colorful and perfect for Spring. (Outfit Details HERE).

How to Style Pencil Skirts

Add Tights:

Black tights are another wardrobe must. They not only keep your legs warm with outfits such as this but if you’re pasty white like me they cover those light beams up! Or if you haven’t shaved in a hot happens to us all right?  I love how this oversized sweater brings a casual vibe but is still dressed up enough to wear to church or maybe even work. (Orignal Outfit Details HERE).

How to Style Pencil Skirts

Add a Tee:

I think pencil skirts and tee shirts look adorable together. They even look really cute when you pair a pencil skirt, and tee with a denim jacket and converse.

Here I grabbed one of my favorite pink tee shirts and paired it with this tulip cut wine pencil skirt. This is an easy church or work outfit. It is comfortable and chic, without looking sloppy. I threw on a pair of neutral pumps and you can even add a blazer to tie it all together. (Outfit Details HERE).

How to Style Pencil Skirts

Dress it up with Heels:

This red lace pencil skirt is just so incredible! I love how it looked paired with a simple white blouse and these really over the top red heeled booties. Dressing up the pencil skirt is so easy, add heels and a blouse and you are ready to go. (Original Outfit Details HERE).

How to Style Pencil Skirts

Tucked In

I love tucking a blouse into a pencil skirt. It is very professional, sleek and brings emphasis to your tiny little waist. I think this is one of my favorite outfits of mine ever. It’s perfect for Easter or a spring event. The pastels really compliment my fair skin tone and I love how pairing the outfit with the floral heels look. (Original Outfit Details HERE).

How to Style Pencil Skirts

Tied Over the Top:

Tying a tee or blouse over the top looks so chic, and again draws attention to your waist. I added a floral tee here that incorporated the shade of the skirt. Such a cute look for spring or summer. This is a longer pencil skirt, if you are shorter I would stick to knee length or just about your knees. (Original Outfit Details HERE).

How to Style Pencil Skirts


I hope you enjoyed all these ways I have styled a pencil skirt. If you would like more ideas, join my Pinterest Board { HERE } and search for pencil skirt.

How to style a pencil skirt

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