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This week was actually kind of hard for us. Hibernation was hard for me to have 5 days of material to teach. We really only got three days out of this, so we did the cave building exercise twice and watched a youtube video on hibernation.

Animals in Winter Sheet (Monday)

This was a fun little activity for Aria. She got to learn where different animals hibernate during the winter. I would have her tell me and I would write it down for her. We went over it a few different times and helped her memorize what hibernation means. I made this printable you can get your free copy {HERE}



Building a Shelter to Hibernate in (Tuesday)

Building a shelter was fun, not too educational but she got the point of what it was for. Kids love to build forts so use a fun game to teach. I found out that is Aria’s learning language. If I make it work and not a game she won’t do it and she won’t learn. We get frustrated and it turns into a mess.



Animals that Hibernate (Wednesday)

I made this printable to cut up and use as little flashcards. We haven’t done this activity yet I ran out of printer ink, but I think it’s a fun little activity. You can even quiz your kids where critters hibernate. Yes, I realize bugs are not animals…but you get the point. Download {HERE}.

Animals That Hibernate

Youtube Video {Thursday}

Kids love youtube and learn a lot from it. If you are a device free family you can do one of the activities from above again or have a play day outside and build a snow cave or something. Youtube Video {HERE}.


We built the fort again and watched the youtube video. I really need to research this section again to come up with more material. Win some lose some right?

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