Good Morning Ladies,

Project Semi Color is a cause near and dear to my heart. Not because I have an experience myself but my family members have.

If you don’t know what Project Semi Colon is let me give you a brief rundown. In the grammatical world, a semicolon is punctuation added where a period could have been, but the author kept the story or sentence going. Much like life some of us face a point where we want to put a period or an end to our stories. Instead, we have added semi colons and continue our story.

Project Semicolon

There was a huge issue a month or so ago between influencers about bringing a reality to our platforms. It went down in a way that distracted from the main point. Young girls are facing suicide due to online bullying, etc.

Sometimes what they see on social media makes them feel bad about their own lives, selves and we as influencers can’t control how they feel. What we can do is bring attention to it.

Project Semicolon

Depression is getting to our kids at younger and younger ages. We need to supply our kids with knowledge and power before letting them loose in a world we have zero control over.

Social media is an ever-changing game. Kids get brave behind keyboards and it is an all-out war on our kids. I am not going to make this political just bringing an awareness to it.

Project Semicolon

I made this shirt in solidarity to those who continue their fight. No, I have not fought with depression or suicide, but I have been there for the aftermath. I have seen what suicide does to those left behind.

Project Semicolon

If you or someone you know have suicidal thoughts, please call Call 1-800-273-8255 24/7.

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