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What the heck did we do before Netflix was around?! I watch it when I do my makeup when I blog, and when Brandon and I go to bed. We love Netflix so I have compiled a list of the best movies and tv shows to watch. Use this list for date nights, for when you’re sick, or during nap time when you get some time to yourself. I will put them in categories so you know which ones you should watch alone and which ones you can watch with the significant other.

Ultimate Netflix List+Healthy Family Snacks

Date Nights

Play Netflix Roulette sometime if you really struggle with picking a show to watch. Just scroll and press play. That is how we found a majority of these shows.

Parenthood: I feel like there were some episodes that Brandon liked and a few he was bored with but this was a very touching show about families, raising families and all of the dynamics and stories in between. You will cry at a few episodes, especially the ending.

Marvel Movies/TV Series: I am not usually into shows lick this, but I have really liked any of the Marvel/ Superhero shows. We loved Green Arrow, Flash, Punisher, etc. They make great date night movies and there is usually eye candy for everyone.

Stranger Things: THEY DO NOT MAKE ENOUGH EPISODES! We usually fly through these in a night or two. We love Stranger Things. A mix of Goonies, Stand By Me and Poltergeist. You will love it!

Walking Dead: I think I enjoy this show more than Brandon but it’s a great suspenseful zombie show! You never know what is going to happen they love to throw you off course. There is a lot of blood and gore but I don’t mind that at all. You follow different characters on their course to survive a zombie apocolypse.

Breaking Bad: We have watched this series two or three times I believe and we love it. I don’t want to say a lot and ruin anything. Basically, it’s a show that follows a man with cancer who changes his career path to financially prepare his family for his passing.

The Hurt Locker: This is a fantastic show, heartbreaking but Brandon and I really enjoyed watching this show together for date night.

V for Vendetta: There are so many amazing quotes from this movie. It was completely different from anything I have ever seen. I don’t know how to explain this movie but watch it, it’s amazing!

The People vs OJ Simpson: I am obsessed with court tv, and crime shows so this was a really interesting watch. It really dug more into the case and the people involved with the trial.

The Office: I love this show! This is another Brandon and I have watched multiple times. Who doesn’t love watching a Dwight/Jim showdown? Every episode is pretty hilarious and it is another feel-good comedy you can watch after a hard day and laugh.

Ultimate Netflix List+Healthy Family Snacks

Family Friendly

Some nights I have a mommy and me date night. Aria and I snuggle up on the couch and watch movies and eat popcorn. These are some of our shows we like to watch to together.

Hercules: I love watching this movie with Aria. She sings the songs and dances to the music. One of my favorite Disney movies and I get to share that with Aria.

Curious George: These shows are minimally annoying and enjoyable to watch with the kiddos.

Boss Baby: I did not want to watch this at first but after watching it, it is actually a really cute show. It touches on how to sibling love and rivalry.

Magic Schoolbus (both versions): Of course I am partial to the original, I watched that as a kid. The new version isn’t half bad either. Aria loves the bus and I feel like she gets some education out of the show. She loves to tell me a pickle is a cucumber. Something she learned from one of the episodes

Bill Nye the Science Guy: I loved this show when I was little, and Aria seems to like a few of the episodes. She loved the lava episode but the magnet episode had her bored out of her mind. Pick and choose episodes that may excite your child.

PJ Masks: I was so happy when Netflix added this to their roster. Aria watched this at her Grandma’s and we don’t have satellite tv so she would always ask for it. It is kind of cute, some of the episodes are annoying but it makes her happy so I will watch an episode or two with her.

Little Baby Bum: This is a cute cheap little show that has a bunch of cute nursery rhymes and songs for kids to learn. Aria listened to this on our car rides when she was really little.

Little Einsteins: I love this show, the little Einsteins teach the kids a composition, art piece, composer, and geographical location each episode. It brings fun to classical music and teaches them about music notes, and terms. Taught me a lot about music and art pieces so I love watching this with her. The song will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Land Before Time: This movie was one of my favorites when I was a baby so it is fun to watch it with my baby. I was obsessed with this movie as a kid as they kept making them. I think there are like a million Land Before Time movies. The first one is the best and I love that it helps me to get Aria to eat lettuce. I tell her they are tree stars and she will eat them. Win, win!

Trolls: This is such a cute movie that has great music and a great message about being who you are and the value of happiness. It has funny jokes for the kids and the adults. I did not think I would like this movie as much as I did.

Room on a Broom/Stick Man/ The Gruffalo/: There are some really cute books that Netflix have made into short films. It is so fun to see some of our favorite books animated to a show.

Ultimate Netflix List+Healthy Family Snacks

Solo Night

There are nights where I am blogging or Brandon is out and I love when it is just me and a hot bowl of popcorn. I am in charge of the remote and there are so many amazing shows and movies to watch.

Gossip Girl: My all-time favorite show to watch. If you love drama and fashion this show is for you! I love this show and I have probably seen the entire series more than 9 times.  Gossip Girl is for sure the best show ever made.

Greys Anatomy: I am a recent convert to Greys but I am in love with it. There are a million seasons to watch and it always keeps you on your toes. I swear it kills people off just as fast as The Walking Dead does. Do not get to attached to the characters.

In-lawfully Yours: This is a pretty cheesy movie but really cute. It most likely came from the Hallmark channel, but I really enjoyed this movie. I have seen it about a million and a half times. It just has the right amount of humor to cheese ratio. A woman helps her ex-mother in law pack up after losing her husband and she falls in love with her ex brother in law who lost his wife.. I mean very Hallmark type stuff. But it is really cute.

After The Ball: Another cheesy movie, but it’s got such a cute storyline. A mix of Shakespeare and Cinderella. This is really a show you can’t explain, it is just a cute goofy movie your husband will make fun of.

90210 (the newer one): The old one came out when I was pretty little and I remember watching an episode or two and hating it. This one is very similar to Gossip Girl in the way of it being a High School drama. Naomi is my favorite character in the show! There is a slow season I can’t remember which one it was but power through it, it picks up again.

The Crown: This was another show I wasn’t expecting to like. If you are into history, drama and a little suspense this is a great show for you. It dives into the history of the Queen and her life as a child to now. You think it would be awesome to be part of the royal family, but this show makes you think otherwise.

Friends: Duh this one is a no-brainer. Friends is one of the funniest tv shows ever made. Joey is, of course, my favorite. There are episodes that are more on the serious side but that is rare. Most of them are happy and upbeat.

New Girl: Oh I love Zooey Deschanel, she is my spirit person. This show is really cute, really funny and a perfect pick me up after a long day of work or chasing the kids. I usually watch this one when Brandon is out of town and I need something to cheer me up.

Criminal Minds: I had to stop watching this show alone, well I just had to stop watching it all together. It creeps me out! I want to lock Aria in a tall tower so these people never get to her. The show is fantastic but it creeps you out and makes you lose faith in the human race.

Definitely Maybe: Such a cute movie that tugs at your heartstrings. Ryan Reynolds is in it so you get your eye candy for the day. Who doesn’t love Ryan Reynolds?!

If you are looking for some great Romantic Comedies my friend Chelsie did a whole post on that { HERE }

Ultimate Netflix List+Healthy Family Snacks


Healthy Family Snacks

There are so many delicious snacks you and your family can enjoy for whatever show you are watching or binge watching.

Ultimate Netflix List+Healthy Family Snacks

When Aria is watching a show or movie with us we try even harder than usual to keep things healthy. Of course, our favorite is popcorn.

Popcorn: We love grabbing Skinny Pop  when we are out grocery shopping. It replaces our chip addiction and it is just a delicious snack for all of us. I prefer the plain, but because Aria is obsessed with cheese flavored anything we picked up the white cheddar version. I am comfortable with giving Aria Skinny Pop because there are no artificial flavors, no artificial ingredients, non-GMO, Gluten Free, and most are dairy free which is great for my Vegan diet.

When I grab a plain flavor I love to melt a little butter flavored coconut oil over the top. Tastes just like movie popcorn!

Ultimate Netflix List+Healthy Family Snacks

Veggies & Hummus: This is a great snack for movie nights or game nights. This is a dish we usually serve for our college football game nights, but it works for binge-watching or watching a movie with the family. There are some really yummy vegan-friendly hummus dips, I love like this one here.

Chips and Salsa: There are so many versions of low card chips that you can snack on. You can actually find protein chips that are low carb, and filled with protein. As always pay attention to serving sizes and how much you are consuming. Chips are better than candy bars and brownies, but they still contain things you need to watch.

Ultimate Netflix List+Healthy Family Snacks

Diet Coke Bar: Now, of course, this is not the most healthy of snacks but it is healthier than making a trip to swing and getting the sugar-filled drinks we love there. They also have many flavors that pair well with all the many Skinny Pop snacks.

Ultimate List of Netflix Shows+Healthy Snack Ideas for the family

Ultimate List of Netflix Shows+Healthy Snack Ideas for the family

Carrots and Low-fat Dip: I have been eating more carrots lately and they are a great snack to curb your cravings. I love getting carrot sticks and a dairy-free Greek yogurt with some ranch flavoring. Vegan, healthy and delicious. Aria likes this with regular greek yogurt with a little of the ranch flavoring.

Tomatoes and Cheese: I love rolling slices of tomatoes in almond cheese, you can do it with regular cheese as well for the kids. This is one of my favorite low carb snacks! Aria likes to stack hers on a wheat cracker.

Cucumbers and Dairy Free Cream Cheese: I love this snack, I actually sprinkle a little dill on top for more flavor. It is absolutely delicious. Aria is not a fan of cucumbers but she does like pickles so I swap hers for a low sodium pickle chopped up.

I hope this has helped you with your binge-watching as a family, date night, or your solo nights! Comment below with your favorite show to watch on Netflix.


Our Netflix List

The Ultimate Netflix list + healthy family snacks




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