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This sounds really weird but I love spring cleaning. Cleaning for me is a stress reliever and once I finally got a good cleaning schedule down, spring cleaning isn’t terribly hard.

Tackle one room, one task at a time. For example week one is cleaning the kitchen. Day one is cleaning baseboards, doorknobs, and light fixtures. Breaking it down into smaller pieces makes the whole thing easier to do.

Spring Cleaning

Day 1

Day one is clean your light fixtures, switches, baseboards, and doors. These get so dirty, after wiping down my doors you can actually see how dirty it was. Especially if you have young ones with greasy hand prints.

I love using an antibacterial spray. I spray down the light fixtures, switches, and doorknobs while I clean my baseboards. Let the cleaner sit and disinfect. My house has pretty thin baseboards I like to wipe them initially and go in with a q tip to clean up the edges. This really makes all the difference.

After I am done with baseboards go and wipe off the knobs and light fixtures and switches with hot water.

Day 1 is done! Check that off your list.

Spring Cleaning

Day 2

Microwave and oven. This one is a little harder than day one. If you have a self-clean option on your oven do it. I have raised burners and a griddle in between so I pull everything apart and scrub. Get all the grime and grease off that you can. If your microwave is above the oven clean that first. All the food and debris will fall onto your clean oven if you do it the other way around.

My microwave is usually clean we do most of our cooking on the stove or in the oven. Since we are spring cleaning I take out the turntable plate and the stand it’s on and sterilize it. For the inside, I used lemon oil and hot water. This really helps get out the tough baked on food. Make sure to wipe down the handle and buttons.

If you have stainless steel get a polish to make it shine up nicely. Day two is a lot more elbow grease but totally worth it.

Day 2 is done! Check that off your list.

Spring Cleaning

Day 3

Organize your cabinets and drawers. Take everything out set it on your counters. Get rid of anything broken, or you don’t use. Donate what you can and purge your areas of anything you don’t need.

I think to start at the top and work my way down. Wipe down the shelves, and all around the inside of the cabinet. Let dry before putting your dishes back into the cabinet.

If you really want to organize drawers, measure and make a trip to the dollar store, target whatever and find containers that fit. I love hitting the dollar store before anywhere else. They often have what I need at a very low cost.

When putting dishes back in their spots rearrange them for convenience.  Cups and mugs are close to our fridge because that is where our beverages are. Plates and bowls are closer to the sink and dishwasher because they are used most and it’s easier to put them away. Make everything functional for you and your families needs.

Day three is done! Check that off your list.

Spring Cleaning

Day 4

This day is my least favorite. The fridge. Time to completely clean it out. Pull out all the food and toss out any expired or moldy food. I use very hot soapy water to wipe down all the shelves and doors. If the fridge was really dirty I disinfect, let sit, then wipe out with hot soapy water.

Now organize your food to your needs. I am trying to eat healthily so I put all the unhealthy food in the back and all the healthy food in the front. Milk and condiments go in the door for access. Do the same with the freezer.

Wipe down the handles and the door, change the water filter if it has one and cleans out the ice trays if needed.

After a long grueling task day four is done! Check that off your list.

Spring Cleaning

Day 5

The pantry is not so terrible. Basically, you are throwing out things expired and old, wiping down shelves and if you want to organizing food into bins like THIS.

If you stay on top of your pantry during your routine cleaning this won’t be as daunting as the fridge. Sweep or vacuum out the floor, take out the trash and clean your trash can.

I use a regular all-purpose cleaner for the shelves. Take inventory of what you need for groceries and day 5 is DONE. Check that off your list!

Spring Cleaning

Day 6

Dishwasher, windows, blinds and wiping down walls. This may seem like a lot but it isn’t terrible. I like to run an empty cycle with vinegar. This helps clean your dishwasher and get out all the excess food in the bottom. Wipe down the outside and you’re done with that task in minutes.

Windows and blinds can take a little more time. I wiped my blinds, I know a lot of people that take them down and hose them off out back. Clean the windows last, you might get streaks from wiping the blinds. This takes me about a half hour to get four windows and a giant glass door completed.

Wiping down walls is easy. I put a rag on my mop and use hot soapy water. The mop helps me to reach the high walls and gets them clean.

Every so often Brandon and I walk around the area we just cleaned and check to see if any repairs need to be made. Wall dings, chipped paint, etc.

Your Kitchen is now CLEAN.


I hope this helped! Below will be a checklist for your enjoyment. Along with some natural cleaners I like to use and ones to make yourself. Please note if you are using essential oils use glass bottles. Do not add them to plastic spray bottles.

Also, my friend has a fantastic facebook group that is having a spring cleaning challenge. Join us {HERE}

Spring Cleaning

DIY Cleaners found {HERE}

Spring Cleaning


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