Spring Cleaning: Week 2 Dining Room/Command Center

Good Morning Ladies,

Spring cleaning continues. Last week you saw my Kitchen schedule and I hope that worked out for you like it did for me.

This week is my dining room and command center. They are in one area, and dining rooms are really easy and fast to spring clean. Basically, it’s wiping down chairs etc. So let’s get started.

Day 1: Chairs & Tables

Wiped down and disinfect the chairs and table. I wipe everything down, the legs, the backs, and the sides. After wiping it with a disinfectant I polish. If you own a wood table you will want to polish it up and make it look nice and shiny. Along with your chairs and or bench.

Spring Cleaning

Day 2: Floor

Sweep the floor and wipe it down. Make sure you follow instructions for your specific floor care. If you have wood flooring use appropriate care for that.

Wipe any floorboards in the area.

Spring Cleaning

Day 3: Command Center Clean Out

Clean out the command center. Open every drawer, cabinet, and empty it out. Throw out anything not needed, broken, or no longer used.  This will take a bit so after things are emptied out, put it all back and walk away. Day 4 will be the day you organize it. Wipe out the cabinets and drawers before replacing them.

Spring Cleaning

Day 4:  Command Center Organization

Now that everything is cleaned out start organizing. Use one drawer for pencils, pens, markers etc. I like to keep all stationary items together.

Spring Cleaning

In another drawer, I like to put batteries, extra charging cords. This makes it easy for us to find what batteries we need, or what cords we need to recharge our phones or devices.

Spring Cleaning

Organize according to your families needs.

Day 5: Repair

Repair any dings to the wall or paint. Oil hinges, and wipe the surface of the command center. Disinfect the areas and wipe down the walls around the command center.


You have completed your next Spring Cleaning task! Yay, now go take a nap or a bubble bath you deserve it.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

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