Spring Cleaning: Week 3 | The Living Room


Spring Cleaning

Good Morning Ladies,

We are still powering through Spring Cleaning.  I am losing steam earlier on then I usually do but I must get this done before a baby shower that I am hosting.

You can check out Week 1 {HERE} and Week 2 {HERE}

Let’s get started!

Living rooms are fairly easy to clean. It’s all about organizing and wiping down. We are still not fully furnished at our house. Furniture is expensive and we are indecisive so don’t judge the empty room.

Spring Cleaning Living Room

Day 1: Walls & Baseboards

I love wiping down the walls, it’s amazing the dirt they pick up. It helps your paint look fresher, and if you have kids there will definitely be hand prints everywhere.

I just use hot soapy water, nothing that will peel off the paint. Wipe down the walls and then move to the baseboards. This will really freshen up a room.


Spring Cleaning Living Room

Day 2: Windows and Drapes

We have cats that love to lay in our windows so we get the nice little-wet nose wipes across our windows. I know the minute I clean these windows they will be dirty again but for the 5 minutes it’s clean it looks amazing.

I usually pull down and launder my drapes, these are fairly new and I don’t feel that they need to be cleaned so we will leave those be for this time around.

Spring Cleaning Living Room

Day 3: Furniture Care

I like to wipe down and vacuum my couch. It collects cookie crumbs and popcorn from my dear daughter. So giving everything a good wipe down makes it look new. I also wash my pillows and coverings to keep them fresh and clean.


Spring Cleaning Living Room


Day 4: Drawer Clean Out

I pull out all the drawers and wipe everything down. Then go through and organize things. I make three piles, donate, throw away, keep. Everything you keep can then be organized into the drawers and put back.

Spring Cleaning Living Room

Spring Cleaning Living Room


Wipe down the tops and sides. This dresser is an old, real wood dresser so be careful on what you clean it with. I do a dry wipe down, and use a magic eraser if there are scuffs. That’s the good thing about distressed furniture..not a lot of repair from wear and tear.

 Spring Cleaning Living Room

Day 5: Frames and TV

Wipe down and clean picture frames. They collect so much dust, and there is a lot of construction out here so we get extra. This also helps freshen up a home.

Spring Cleaning Living Room

Wipe off the TV, again use the right products on the screens. We have a microfiber cloth we use that came with our TV so that is all I used to clean it off.

Take a nap or a bubble bath because you are done! Check that off your list!

How did your week of Spring Cleaning go?

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