How to get Summer Ready Legs

I was provided with a Mermaid Razor to review, all opinions are my own

How to Get Summer Ready Legs

Good Morning Ladies,

Summer will be here before we know it. I am naturally pasty, to begin with, but winter I am basically translucent.

I searched high and low for a tanning mousse that I loved. Last year I was at Sally’s

and came across Tanwise. Usually, I get the lighter color but they were sold out so I got the darker color.

Now when you first apply it, it is really dark and streaky. Do not let that scare you, after washing and moisturizing your legs it evens out and tones down the color.

This Sumer Ready Legs routine is perfect for the pool, summer parties, or just a little glow to your skin.


Let’s Get This Started!


First, find a razor that you love. One that is sharp and will remove the hair quick and easy. I fell in love with this amazing Mermaid Razor I found on Instagram.

The blades are sharp and give a smooth, close shave. I no longer have to steal Brandon’s. Also, how adorable is the razor?!

The perfect razor for the perfect summer legs.

Get Summer Legs

Make sure you have a great exfoliator this will help not only your skin but the even color of your tan. You can use face exfoliator for your legs, but you can’t use body exfoliators for your face. They can be too abrasive. So remember that when exfoliating.

I love my Earth Science facial scrub. It leaves the skin smooth and it is cruelty-free.

Get Summer Legs

After exfoliating, shave. You can use a shaving cream, lotion, whatever you use for a close amazing shave.

Get Summer Legs

Shaving will help prolong your color, and of course, make your legs look smoother. Note that every time you shave with a self-tanner on it will take the color away.

Get Summer Legs

Next, I exfoliate again, just to get all the dead skin off for an even tan.

Get Summer Legs

After exfoliating, moisturize! Use any body lotion or cream. This will also prevent streaks and dark coloration around the ankles and knees.

Get Summer Legs

I like to apply my Tanwise tanner with a flat top E.L.F brush. They are cheap, but effective for applying the tan. Go in circular motions not up and down. I wanted to show you in the above picture what going up and down. Circular motions help blend the tan.

Get Summer Legs

Look at the difference this was before rinsing off in the shower. Look at how pasty my legs’s kind of sad.

Here is how it looks after two showers.

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That is how I get my Summer Ready Legs!

I would like to know what your summer legs routine is. What are some of your favorite products to get an even tan?



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