Tips for Dry Lips: How to get moist lips

Good Morning Ladies,

I have dry skin, and I really have dry lips. Every time I put on lipstick or lip stain it looks like complete flaky crap  due to my dryness.

Te Mana Lips

I have done scrubs, burning exfoliants, just about anything and everything to make my lips look normal. Nothing I had tried worked.

Te Mana Lips

Te Mana Lips

Reading up on so many things I wanted to give Te Mana ( by Morinda)  a try. I started with the amazing smelling lip scrub. This wasn’t an over abrasive lip scrub. There was a nice amount of moisture to the scrub so I felt like as it scrubbed away dead skin, it moisturized the skin underneath. This amazing lip line will be released May 1st so set alarms and go grab yourself some of these amazing lip products!

Te Mana Lips

After the scrub, I moisturized with the lip treatment. This is a very very moisturizing treatment. My lips have never felt smoother. All of these products smell amazing by the way and they do not sting at all! I finally had soft, healthy-looking lips.

Te Mana Lips

Both the liquid lipstick and the lip gloss went on so smooth and held moisture for the three hours I needed it to. That is the longest I have ever been able to keep my lipstick on and moisturized without having to reapply anything. My lips didn’t look dry and flaky, and after wiping off the product there was no pain or stinging.

Te Mana Lips

I love that these products are cruelty-free and easy to use.

Te Mana Lips

Te Mana Lips

Other tips to moisten lips:

-Drink lots of water, this not only helps your organs, brain but your skin and lips.

-Watch the foods you eat. Acidic foods can sometimes dry out the lips.

-Apply a coconut oil mask every night.

-Avoid biting your lips, or picking at them.

-Clean lip wands often to avoid bacteria.

-Use the lip scrub, treatment as directed. This stuff smells amazing!

Te Mana Lips


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