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Good Morning Ladies,

My sister and I started working out like two weeks ago. I was not looking forward to it because I was not fond of the gym, or working out. Let me tell you that has changed!

How to love working out

I’ve worked out on and off a million times over, trying to find something that works for and this time around it has really stuck. I am so excited to get fit, and have a healthier body.

Let’s get started!

1.Work out with someone:

Working out with someone helps push you. I go with my sister and she pushes me to my limit. This helps you to actually go to the gym, and actually work out. Sometimes I lack discipline and Lyssa helps me. It is also comforting to have someone at the gym to talk to and help you with your form. Sometimes when I went to the gym alone I felt very intimidated so I would hurry and do a quick crappy work out and get out of there.

Learning how to enjoy working out

2. Get a Routine:

Honestly Lyssa and I are still trying to find ours, but we got a partial routine down. We go every night and we look up a work out prior to going. We love the Whitney Simmons work outs. They really kick your trash! Seriously if you do them right you will be sore for a solid 4 days.

Cute work out clothes

3.Keep A Food Diary:

I use my fitness pal on my phone to track my food. This just helps you to see the things you are putting into your body. It really helped to to see what foods I needed to cut out. You would be amazed at the sugar content you consume if you don’t measure out serving sizes. Most of your weight loss happens in the kitchen so be mindful of what you eat, and how much you eat.

Fabletics Leggings

4. I don’t do Before and After Photos:

Every time I started a fitness journey I would do before and after photos and it never helped me. It just made me feel horrible. We all loose weight at different speeds, in different areas and in different ways. I want to track this fitness journey on how I feel. Not how I look. Yes how you look may be very important to you, it is to me, but tracking yourself in that way I feel kind of puts a different pressure on yourself.

how to work out and enjoy it

5. Motivation:

Find motivation. If it is a picture of someone, or an event coming up use that to motivate you to get up eat right, and get to the gym or workout at home. My motivation is silly but it has been working. My motivation is to not embarrass my daughter. I want to be her fit momma, who can keep up with her and maybe even somewhat share clothes one day.

work out tips

If you are using a photo please make sure it is a healthy, achievable goal. Your size 4 might look different then a model’s size 4. We are all built differently. Weight distributes differently with height. If a model you are using motivation as is 6’3 and a size 2 she will look much different then you at 5’7 would look as a size 2. So be mindful of that. Also note a lot of actresses and models already have good genes on their side, so you may have to work a little harder then they do. I know I have genes that work against me, but use that as motivation. My genes will not keep me from looking how I want to look. I will fight by eating right, in moderation and working my butt off at the gym.

6. Do not skip out on Weights:

So many people hate weights. They go to the gym just for cardio and leave. Yes Cardio is important but don’t neglect your muscles. Cardio burns calories and fat, but weight training or strength training allows for Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) to occur. This means your metabolism can stay elevated so you burn more fat even after a workout has ended. Not to mention as you loose weight you want those muscles underneath to be super lean and tone. I prefer weights to cardio any day…especially that horrific stair climber.

Fabletics Leggings

7. Be Patient:

Your body is completely different then everybody else’s. You will loose weight at a different rate. Do not be discouraged let that motivate you further. It takes your body a little bit to detox, process, and build. If only getting fit was just as easy as gaining weight.

Mommy Work out tips

8. Set short term goals, and long term goals:

To keep from getting discouraged, set short term easily attainable goals. Like go to the gym for three weeks in a row, cut out Oreos for the month of May. Things you can do. If you start off by making “be a size 2 by June” a goal, your setting yourself up for failure.

Work out tricks

My goals to start: Go to the gym everyday for month, and track my food.

My long term goals: Loose chest weight (I HATE BOOBS), and to get back to size 4 eventually. I felt the best at that size. I know that may take a few years but I am ready to work for it.

Write them down, put them on your phone, tattoo them to your forehead whatever it takes to get you to your goals.

9. Moderation:

Do all things in moderation. Eat healthy but once in a while if you really want indulge. I steer away from cheat days, but I do allow myself like a treat once in a while. Like a cupcake one Saturday, or a piece of pizza one night a month. Don’t go wild with cheats. Sometimes things require sacrifice and often fitness requires that to get to where we want to be.

You can find healthy alternatives to everything, of course they won’t taste the same at first but after a while you will get over it. I love pizza, so I started getting into cauliflower pizza. Yes, it does not taste “just like a real pizza” but it helps fill the craving. I love the crusts from Sprouts, I put roasted garlic sauce and almond cheese on top and it is delicious.

If you have a sweet tooth, switch candy out for fruits. No it is not a cupcake or a chocolate bar but a banana with almond butter can fix that sugar craving you have. Getting to your fitness goals will take discipline and that is the hardest thing about changing your lifestyle.

How to work out

10. Be Nice to Yourself:

If you have days where you let yourself slide, don’t be so hard on yourself. Try again the next day. Push yourself it is mind over matter. Tell yourself you can do it! When your working out and you feel like you can’t finish a set tell yourself you can do one more, and then one more. Push yourself but also forgive yourself. Not everyday is perfect, but don’t let it discourage you!


What are some tips you have for people on a fitness journey?


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  1. I had to click over when I saw the title of this post, as right now I’m in my second massive running slump. My husband and I trained for and completed a half marathon last year but since then I have struggled keeping up a regular routine, and the last few months have been particularly bad. Reading this, it’s clear to me my issue is motivation. I need to find my why with running again. Thanks for the tips.

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