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I am obsessed with cute fox and woodland creature clothing for kids. They are the cutest pieces and articles to dress your baby and toddler in. Aria has a fox jumper that we got {HERE} and we get so many compliments on it everytime she is dressed up in it.

When I was shopping for fox items for Aria before she was born it was not as popular and I could not find anything fox themed for girls! They were all boys clothing. So I am very excited they started making gender-neutral fox clothing for kids. It makes shopping easier and I am eyeballing that romper and fox purse as I write this to buy for Aria.

I love shopping for kids clothing more than I love shopping for my own.

Fox Clothes for Kids

Clothing for Kids

Romper | Brown Hoodie | Stripe Fox Top | Vintage fox tee | Fox Furry Back Pack Fox Purse | Fox Crossbody | Fox Backpack | Tan Fox PJ’s | Fox Bib | Fox Jumper | Fox HatFox Swimsuit | Fox Boots | Fox 3 Piece Set | Fox Shoes | Fox Flip Flops | Fox Rain Coat | Fox Dress

If I have another kid I will most definitely be doing a woodland forest nursery. I think there are so many cute options to decorate.

The amount of fox clothing for kids is astronomical. Pretty much any and every kid store out there has something with foxes or woodland creatures on it. Kids look so adorable dressed up as little Forrest creatures. I am in love!

Toddler Fox Dress

Seriously how cute is that jumper?!

Kid Spring Outfits

fox clothing for kids

And this raincoat with the little foxtail on the back!? I just can’t even stand how cute it is, especially on a kiddo as cute as Aria.

I think I need to get those fox flip-flops for Aria they are beyond adorable!

Are you woodland creature obsessed or do you think it’s overrated? What style of clothing for kids do you prefer?


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