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Every year I spend my birthday at my dad’s motorcycle ride. They ride in memory of fallen patriots and raise money for those injured and in need from their service. It is the best way to spend my birthday. I love our men and women in the service and I cannot thank them and their families enough!

They do so much for so little and it takes so much bravery to enlist and serve. They run into places we all run out of. They sacrifice their time with their families, and some even pay the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you to all the families, the service men and women and all those who support these amazing people.

I wanted to provide you guys with ways to thank a service member or their family this Memorial Day.

Let’s get started!


If you walk around a cemetery you are bound to find a handful of vets, or fallen patriots. They are usually marked as such. Walmart has really pretty Memorial Day flowers for really inexpensive. Grab 5 or 6 and lay them at the grave of these brave men and women.

When we have gone to visit my grandpas grave there has been community members who have places a flag and red flower on his grave. It is so nice to see that people are grateful for these amazing service men and women. (Download Card Printable HERE)


Thanking a Soldier Printable

Thank a Family:

If you know a family in your area that have a service member you can stop by with a treat, dinner, or just a thank you card. Thank them for their service as well. I can’t imagine it is easy for families to give up time, and sometimes not even know where they loved one is serving. They also suffer the effects of the war when their loved ones come home injured (physically or mentally).

Papa Murphy’s have $5 pizzas you can take over. It is inexpensive but it is such a great way to say thank you to these amazing people. (Download Printable Card HERE)

Thanking a Soldier Printable

Thank you Cards:

We have a few bases in our area. Take in boxes of thank you cards for those who work there. Often they are vets, or injured soldiers as well as those who currently serve. You can make a community activity out of it, even attach the thank you notes to a treat. It is such a little action for such a huge service they do!

You can also look up addresses for deployed soldiers and write them a thank you note or send them a care package. (Download Printable card HERE)

Thanking a Soldier Printable

If you notice a family sending a care package to a soldier while your in line. Pitch in or pay for the package to be sent. They are already paying so much having their family member deployed paying for their package is the least we can do right?

Shake their Hand:

This one is hard for me because I try to do it without looking like an idiot and crying. I love that Brandon is able to do it for the both of us. The deserve to be thanked a hundred times over. A simple thank you and hand shake. (Download printable card HERE)

Thanking a Soldier Printable

Pay for their Meal/Drinks:

I am a pretty observant person. When I am in a restaurant I like to examine who is there and I watch them like a hawk. It could be the anxiety, but it allows me to see if there is a person in need.

Often old war vets where hats that have the branch they served and such. I look for that when walking passed tables. When I can I get their servers attention and either pay for their meal or drinks. If we see a service member in their fatigues we try to do the same as well as thank them. Same goes for our men and women in blue. (Download printable card HERE)

Thanking a Soldier Printable

Remember Them:

If you are unable to do any of these things for whatever reason, spend this Memorial Day remembering them and their sacrifice. Say a prayer, for their families or their safety. Whatever you can do to remember them and the reason for the day. We cannot forget what these amazing people do for us and all they sacrafice.


If your looking for a way to donate, my dad’s ride info is here you can donate that way, or you can donate straight to this amazing cause. I will try to insert the video below of last years speaker for the Warriors for Freedom Foundation.

Thank you cards for service members

Thank you to all who serve, who have families members that serve, and who have already served. This country wouldn’t be what it is without you brave people!

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