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I was browsing some of my favorite blogs and I came across a post from “A Touch Of Pink.” She was wearing these adorable olive jeans with a light wash to them and I fell in love with them.

Make sure to go to the end of this post, I am so excited for this new idea I had of not only showcasing an item, but showing you how to style this item in multiple ways. That way you can see how much bang for your buck you can get out of this one item being added to your closet.

Now I know that the olive jeans she had would be out of my price range, so I went hunting for some I could afford. Lucky for me American Eagle had a pair on sale.

How to Style Olive Pants

When styling these jeans the sky is the limit. They look adorable with white tees, black tops, navy tops, I have a seen a few girls style them with mauve and it looks gorgeous. Like this one { HERE }.

I wanted to keep with a neutral theme so I styled the olive jeans with this adorable brown duster. You may need to alter this cardigan it does come a bit large so I say size down.  I am usually a med/large and the size I am wearing here is a medium and I feel like a small would have fit better. My friend has this exact sweater and she took in the sleeves which is what I probably will do as well.


Adding the white tee is a simple thing to just brighten up the outfit and give it a little pop between the two earth tones. You could style black in this mix, it would make the outfit a bit more fall and dark, which is totally fine if that’s the look you are going for.


Adding these cute heeled brown booties really helps complete the look. They are comfortable and I wear them probably more than I should. But why not right?

I can’t get enough of these olive jeans, I have so many fun ways to style them planned.

Now a cute long chain, or layered necklace would look really cute with this outfit. I actually wore one but forgot to untuck it from under my really does add a little more polishing to the outfit but it isn’t going to break the outfit.


Adding a cute crossbody to the mix would be a really cute addition, but I rarely carry a bag anymore.

This outfit is a great way to wear layers for spring without sweating to death. Spring here can either be really hot, or really cold so I like to have my bases covered. Wear a tee, and grab a cardigan. If your hot take of the card, if your cold put it on.

Are you into the olive jeans trend? Do you care for colored skinny jeans? Let me know in the comments below.

Outfit Details:

Top: Nordstrom | Cardigan: Cozi Bear via | Booties: Jane 


Other Ways to Style Olive Jeans

Just click the picture of the item to shop the collages.

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