A swimsuit shopping guide for the entire family

Good Morning,

I look forward to Memorial Day! Pools open, it’s my birthday, and the weather is warming up fast. Putting together The Ultimate Swimsuit Shopping Guide is something I needed before I started blogging. Sometimes we just don’t know where to shop, and what we can afford. Now that you have my help let’s get started.

Swimsuits For Mom

We go swimming with my mom and grandma as much as possible. Its a good way to break up the day and get our vitamin D. Shopping for swim season can get tricky. Where can I find a good mom approved swimsuit on a budget? A cute one that doesn’t look like a “mom” swimsuit. Just because we gave birth doesn’t mean we want to look like a sack of potatoes.

When putting together this post I was so happy to see so many cute one pieces! Finally companies are giving us a great one piece option. I love how bikini’s look on other women. Not so much on me, my body isn’t there yet.

I would wear each of these swimsuits and I just might buy them all! These are all body friendly suits, that won’t put a huge dent in your wallet.

Click photos to shop or link below.

Top Row Left to Right:

Black and White | Maroon Laser Cut top | Black One Sleeve Ruffle | Black One sleeve and Strap

Middle Row Left to Right:

White Suit | Wine Ruffle Sleeve |Black High Waisted Floral

Bottom Row Left to Right:

Tropical Ruffle| Floral Two Piece

Swimsuits for Dad

Now Dad is pretty easy to shop for, most guys don’t give a crap. Some do and I get that. When Brandon goes looking for swim shorts he tends to go for the board shorts.  He isn’t a banana hammock kind of guy. So I will list what he tends to go for.

Click the pictures to shop or shop the links below.

Top Row:

Colored and Grey | Grey and Aqua Stripe | Grey Ombre

Middle Row:

Blue and Grey Stripes | Aqua | Palm Trees

Last Row:

Digital Grey | Grey and Black | Black


Swimsuits for the Kids:

Finding swimsuits for Aria is easy, and so much more fun then shopping for myself or Brandon. Kids have the cutest swimsuit options. There are so many fun patterns, cuts and prints. I like having Aria in one pieces. She has really narrow shoulders and with two pieces the are always floating up over her head when she swims.

Click photos to shop or shop the links below.

Top Row:

Floral | Watermelon | Pineapple

Middle Row:

Floral Pom Poms | Thin Stripes | Black and Green

Last Row:

Teal Laser Cut | Scallop | Shark and Greenery


Swim Cover:

Guys don’t really need swim covers. They throw on a tee shirt and call it good. For women and girls we need a dress, romper, some sort of coverup.

I found some really adorable ones for little girls and some really gorgeous ones for women.

Click the pictures to shop or shop the links below.

Top Row:

Watermelon | White Lace | White Dress

Middle Row

Toddler Floral | Colorful

Last Row

Black Romper | White Dress | White and Blue

Swim Accessories

So this is everything else you will need for your fun in the sun. Make sure to grab lots of water and snacks for the kiddos. Don’t forget toys and things to occupy them so you can relax and watch them play and have fun.


Blue and White | Straw


Star Kids Floppy Hat | Momma Chic Floppy Hat | Little Man Hat


Momma | Dad | Pink Kiddo


Little Man | Daddyo | Momma | Little Girl


Towel | Water Tower | Sand Toys | Life Jacket | Donut Floatie


I hope you enjoyed this post, it was a long one and took three days to write but it was well worth the time. Think of it as a full summer shopping guide. I will probably shop  from this amazing list myself!

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