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Good Morning!

Makeup, such a powerful tool. I find makeup so therapeutic. I love applying it, buying it, watching other people apply it. There is just something magical about a transformation.

Makeup Tips

Why you should wear Makeup

I started doing makeup before I can even remember. It was a way for me to escape and be artistic. Which I loved! Doing my makeup was always so much fun for me but doing other peoples makeup was something euphoric. I love seeing their face after a transformation. You could actually see what gaining confidence looked like. One minute they felt defeated and with a few tricks you are able to emphasize and show off how truly beautiful these people are.

When to wear Makeup

But, makeup is a tool to enhance beauty not to cover up beauty. We all have something about ourselves we don’t like. Whether it is our nose is crooked, or we don’t like the shape of our eyes, makeup is a tool not to hide those traits but to bring attention to the traits we do love about our selves.

When to wear makeup

Wearing makeup isn’t about hiding, it is actually the opposite. It is bringing out that beauty and emphasizing it. I love playing up a person’s eyes. I feel like everyone has beautiful eyes no matter what shape or size. The eyes are the first thing a person see’s on your face.

Makeup Tips

The mouth the is next thing I love to bring attention to. On myself, I really don’t do a whole lot because I hate the feel of lip products. On other people, I love showing off the shape of the lip. {Cruelty-FreeĀ Options HERE}

Why you shouldn’t wear makeup

Don’t wear it if you don’t need it. There are a lot of people out there who don’t need/want to wear it so why should you?

Makeup Tips

Don’t wear it if it frustrates you, makes you uncomfortable or you just flat out hate it. Own that gorgeous face!

Don’t wear it to impress people, you are amazing. You are perfect the way you are.

Makeup Tips

Really makeup should just be an outlet, something that makes you feel better. You do you and be happy!

Makeup Tips

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