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For the past 10 years, I have worked as a dental assistant. I absolutely loved my job. I enjoyed the patients, I enjoyed the work I got to do. But sadly this year I had to quit my day job and become a stay at home mom. Why? That’s what mom’s do.

Why I became a stay at home mom

When I first started this job, I had not a freaking clue what I was doing. Never in the history of ever did I think I would end up working in the dental field. As a kid, I cared less about my teeth. It wasn’t until I worked as a dental assistant I really started to take care of them. It was a job I just fell into and fell in love with.

After having Aria my whole life change, my priorities changed. While I was pregnant I figured I could work a full-time job and come home to her. That all changed the second she was born. I instantly bonded with her and the thought of leaving her all day killed me. Not to mention she was a hungry infant, and I had to nurse CONSTANTLY. I was also overproducing milk so I couldn’t go more than 4 hours without pumping or nursing. So then I made the decision to go part-time.

Tips on becoming a stay at home mom

After a few years of part-time, I thought I had everything balanced. Until this year’s tax season came around. I was basically going to work as a hobby. After paying for gas and paying for childcare I was taking home maybe $50-$80 pending the hours I worked. That to me was not worth leaving Aria.

Also, my mom who is also Aria’s babysitter is taking care of my amazing 92-year-old grandma. This was another factor in deciding to stay at home. I know my mom needed to be with her mom as much as possible because she’s 92 and has some health issues.

Becoming a stay at home mom

I told myself, I promised I would work as long as it wouldn’t get in the way of family. And it was starting to. Now my mom can help my grandma with the things she needs like dr visits, specialists if she needs to go be with her in the ER.

Don’t get me wrong I miss my job, I miss my boss I miss the people that came to that office. It wasn’t a decision I made lightly and it wasn’t one that came easily. There was a lot of talking between Brandon and me, Aria and I and even my parents.

Becoming a stay at home mom

After two weeks of being home, I started to see a change in Aria, I saw a change in myself. She was always a happy girl, but a brighter side of her happiness came out. I was more patient with her, less stressed and we had more time to go and do things together.

I thought I would have a hard time not getting away for a few hours a day, and some days I miss that, but I have loved being at home with Aria.

Becoming a stay at home mom

My blog now has consistent content, because I am here for every nap time Aria has so I can write while she sleeps. I can email companies in a timely manner so more sponsorships are coming my way. It was a hard decision but the right decision.

Becoming a stay at home mom

I thought I would be working my day job until my boss retired. That was my plan, but when does life ever go according to plan?

Becoming a stay at home mom

When making these decisions weigh every option. Know that you may upset people, but when it comes to family that is a hit you have to take for your family. It won’t be easy, you will miss a lot of things about a job you love. But those kiddos aren’t kiddos for long. Enjoy them and love them.

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