Good Morning,

I totally spaced Father’s Day this year. It crept up on me, and now I am in panic mode. I know mostly what to get for everyone but getting it on time will be the chore. Hopefully Amazon or Target will have what I need with two day shipping.

For those of you procrastinators like me, here are some great ideas for your dad.

Grills: If your husband or dad have been hunting for a grill it makes a great gift. Expensive yes, but everyone needs a grill. Especially for the summer months.

Golf Balls: My dad and hubby both love to golf so these are perfect gifts for Father’s Day. Golf Balls can be pricey, but they come in so many different packs so if your on a budget you can include a smaller pack with their favorite drink or candy bar.

Cocktail Mixers: Even if your husband or father don’t drink these are still cool to have around. For those who do drink its a fun gift to include these with a recipe for a new drink and some of the ingredients needed.

Tents: Our family loves to camp and be outdoors so a tent is a great idea for those outdoorsmen.

Grilling Cook Book: For those men who love to grill! It is a great budget friendly option. A couple years ago I gave Brandon a cook book for his smoker and he used some of the recipes for a turkey glaze and it smelt amazing. I don’t eat meat but everyone else that did loved it.


Hammock: Who doesn’t love hammocks? This is great for those guys who need a nice place in the yard to relax after a long Saturday of yard work. You can even include a good book for them to read or a bluetooth speaker to listen to music to as the relax.

Bluetooth Speaker: There are so many inexpensive options with a bluetooth speaker. You can get waterproof ones for the shower or if they like to swim. You can’t ever have too many of these.

Hot Sauce Gift Basket: There are men out there that love a good hot sauce, and love to try new brands and flavors. Grab a bunch of different flavors and levels of hotness and put them in a basket. You can even include grilling tools with the basket as well.

Now if you don’t have the budget for a gift from the store here are some home made ideas that are either free, or really inexpensive.

-A card: Dad’s love a card with sentiment so share a favorite memory you have had with them. You can make the card or buy one. Easy, cheap or free, and sentimental.

-Cookies: You can make some of your Dad’s or Husbands favorite cookies. Again easy and sentimental.

-Show up and spend the day with them

-A framed picture of your family or a picture of you two together. Prints are cheap and you can get frames from the dollar store.

-A candy bar and their favorite soda.

-Take them Fishing

-Take them to breakfast or make them breakfast

-Compile a playlist for them

Most of all just let them know you love and appreciate them. Most dad’s and husband’s work hard to provide for us. They sacrifice time away so we can have what we need and want. Hug your dad or husband, grandpa or uncle whoever has helped raise you, or raise your children. And celebrate all these amazing men do for us.

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