Why I blog:
A few years ago I was in my closet, frustrated and upset that I couldn’t remember that amazing outfit I wore a while back that I got so many compliments on. I had a friend that had the same issue and she started to document her outfits on Pinterest. I started doing the same, but I wanted to reach more women like me. On a budget, modest, and simple. The bloggers  I was following at the time had all gone viral, they went from budget to designer over night. I had a hard time finding bloggers like me. I decided it was time to show others like me you can be chic on the cheap. I re use what I have, I don’t too often shop for new clothes, and I keep my c/o pieces to a minimum. I want to stay a budget friendly blog for all you gorgeous budget friendly women.
about me
Yours Truly
I am a 29 year old Utah native. I work as a Dental Assistant, and a mom. I have an adorable toddler and a wonderful husband who takes all my photos. I moved in across the street from him my senior year of high school. We became best friends and dated on and off for 5 years before taking the plunge.
We have been married now for 7 years, and I can honestly say I married my best friend. He keeps me grounded when I don’t think I can do something. This man will go to photoshoots with me all day because he knows my anxiety will get the better of me without him. Aria and Brandon really push me and ground me all at once. I cannot imagine my life without these amazing people.
about me
Why Nightchayde?
Back in high school I was in fashion design. For a project we had to come up with a brand name for our lines. While finishing my project I was watching Nightmare Before Christmas. I noticed the deadly nightshade jar, and fell in love with the name. I wanted to change up the spelling a bit and came up with Nightchayde. My blogs original name was Caylisue and old nickname, but I hated it. That is when I changed it to Nightchayde and I love it!
About Me
 10 Fun Facts:
1. I am a die hard Utes fan. I never miss a football game.
2. I love watching Movies..we have over 300 in our collection
3. I have lived in Utah my whole life.
4. I have been a dental assistant for almost 10 years and I never brushed my teeth when I was a kid..go figure!
5. I love pizza, popcorn, mashed potatoes, and french fries more than any other food on this planet.
6. I am probably the shyest person you will ever ever ever ever meet..awkward too…
7. I hate having my picture taken…seriously I hate it! I never feel like it turns out how I want, good thing I started a fashion blog where I have to have my picture taken all the friggen time huh?
8. I have danced my whole life. From 5 all through high school. I love dance.
9. Brandon’s family escaped the Kingston Polygamist cult.
10. I’m allergic to eating meat…seriously I break out in hives every time.