Happy Easter! graphic

Happy Easter!

I love spending Easter with my family! The weather is freaking amazing! Taught primary and came home. The hubby and I made each others baskets last night and we found them this morning. I love him and my family. They made me a really awesome Easter basket. Nightmare before Christmas decanter for our nightmare before […]

Me and Bud on a Saturday morning graphic

Me and Bud on a Saturday morning

So me and Brandon have a lot to do this morning to get ready for the shower. He is so good to help me. So I was looking for a station on Pandora to listen to while getting ready and he asks ” Cayli what can I do to help you?” and me being the […]

Tripanista! graphic


Hey followers I was a contributor to Tripanista this week. What a wonderful site. It shows you what to wear when traveling. So very helpful. Check me out!!! http://www.tripanista.com/what-to-wear-in-utah.html

Yes I am a little bit slow don’t judge me graphic

Yes I am a little bit slow don’t judge me

So I am redoing my whole blog. The design the everything. I finally learned how to do a few things. I swear when it comes to computers…I have no brain. It is defiantly a process. Oy. I don’t have an outfit to post today. I have been super busy with work and house stuff, and […]

Wahoo!! A new leaf has been turned! graphic

Wahoo!! A new leaf has been turned!

Hey guys! Happy humpday! Can I just say what a difference a few days makes. For the past few years, my poor family has experienced so much. Cancer, death, falling outs, unexpected life events. We have made it through so much and this year has changed. It is calm, we are all well, good things […]