Faux Leather Skinnies

Well Thanksgiving was awesome. I hope you all had a fantastic Holiday. I also hope you all survived shopping if you went out. I have seen some pretty crazy black friday videos. Kind of reminds me of zombies attacking :). So to the outfit. These faux leather skinnies are super cute, but super warm. So […]

23 Nov 2012


Happy Thanksgiving

I am so thankful to be around my wonderful family. I am grateful for who I have in my life. I am thankful to have a job I enjoy, and a husband who encourages me to be a better person everyday! I am most of all grateful for the troops. The men and women who […]

22 Nov 2012


Floral and Burgandy

Happy Tuesday everyone! How many of you are so glad that Monday is over?? I sure am! I am ready for Thanksgiving and a day to my family. I finally get to use the china I got for my wedding. I am super excited! Black Friday is upon us. And I don’t participate I value […]

20 Nov 2012


Bright Sweater for Dreary Weather

So today is kind of dark and cloudy. Kind of sad looking. My hubby and I are watching my nephew today and watching The Walking Dead. Nothing like a Zombie marathon. 🙂 The outfit today is nice and warm and comfy. Easy and fast to put together. Sweater: Rue21 Jeans: Rue21 Boots: Nectar Scarf: Rue21

17 Nov 2012


Fall fashion Must Haves

So by the time I got home, got dinner cooked it was to dark to take pictures of my outfit so I will just wing this post 🙂 It is really cold outside where I live and even for fall it is to cold!!! Dressing for warm weather?? Want to look cute while doing so?? […]

15 Nov 2012


Snowy and so freaking bright

So my husband aka photographer has been Elk Hunting so I couldn’t really update my blog :). But three men went up with Elk tags and two came back with them filled, and one is going up until he gets one! Hunting is a huge tradition in our family. You wouldn’t think I would be […]

13 Nov 2012


Day to Night

So today was a really great day. My hubby had the day off and I got to watch my nephew. Then my adorable niece came over for a play date. It was a lot of fun to be around family today. I sure enjoy them. We also got tickets to the Scarlet Pimpernel and it […]

3 Nov 2012


Happy Halloween

I LOVE HALLOWEEN!! Happy Halloween everyone!! I usually only get to really celebrate Halloween on years it falls on a weekend. Parties, dressing up…it is my favorite holiday! The best candy to get is Twix and Reeses…yum! The best Halloween song besides of course Thriller, is probably the Martian Hop. I love that song 🙂 […]

31 Oct 2012


Pink and SkullZ

So it is almost Halloween, and it is still breast cancer awareness month. So I mixed the two together. And cancer in general not just breast cancer affects us all. There have been so many people in my life that have, or had cancer. A huge influence in my life was diagnosed with breast cancer […]

30 Oct 2012


Vest and boots

It has been a nice long weekend. Saturday we stayed up late watching an amazing Ute game. If only they had played like this all year long. Our Quarterback decleated a Cal player and it was amazing. If you know football you know how funny that is 🙂 especially from a QB. Our special team […]

29 Oct 2012