Pink and White

So I told you I would be wearing pink throughout the month due to it being breast cancer awareness month. We have to save our boobies!! But ya this is a skirt my little sister bought me a while back. Where would we be in life without our sisters??!! I am so glad to have […]

3 Oct 2012



So I am an avid Youtube fan, and I like to browse for makeup tips and all that jazz. I came across a channel that I am in love with. She is super cute, super funny and she is pale with red hair…so I can use a lot of her tips. It is really hard […]

30 Sep 2012



So like you know I went and got my lashes done. And I love love love love love love love them. My husbands cousin Cristyn did them. She is amazing at them so if you want them done let me know she is really good at what she does. I didn’t like my outfit, so […]

30 Sep 2012


Pink Excitement!

So I am super excited. I took these yesterday right before I went and got eyelash extensions. And man does it make a difference. I cannot wait to show you!! My husbands cousin does them and she is really really good at what she does. I am so thankful for them. It definitely is a […]

28 Sep 2012


Down, Rainy, Comfy

So I do not want to be anyone that I am not. I am not going to dress in 6 inch stilettos and a dress for the sake of this blog. I was not feeling like spending a lot of time working on my wardrobe. I was in a hurry today, I am starting to […]

26 Sep 2012


Biker Leggings

So I love Forever 21! They have the cutest leggings. I found these babies and wanted them in like a camo green color. But those were sold out. So I got them in charcol. And I was a little worried because pale red heads and any form of grey totally wash us out. But this […]

22 Sep 2012


Giddy up!!

So I found these leggings from another blogger, and I purchased them right after I saw them. They are so cute. Plus I had a 20% off code so I got them even cheaper 🙂 yay. I love the equestrian look that is becoming more and more popular. I love the riding boots ant the […]

21 Sep 2012


Makeup baby

So I have not been feeling well, on top of that my hubby has been out of town so there has been no one to take pics of my outfits. So I have been MIA lately. So I decided to do something else. So I love makeup. I don’t have a whole lot of time […]

19 Sep 2012


Utah vs. Byu game

Well not only was last night filled with small heart attacks, I have no nails or lips left from the intense close game. What a game it was!!! Both teams played well. Both had stupid penalties, but man what a game!!! Utah won, Byu almost had us because our nincompoop fans decided they wanted to […]

16 Sep 2012


Ombre and gold

AHHHH today is the game. I am not in my game gear yet but I will soon. And there will be pictures. Kick off is in 5 hours and there will be a lot of people at our place. We have had to move the venue out back. Let’s hope it is a good turn […]

15 Sep 2012