Rainy Day and Skulls Duh.

So remember that huge giveaway I did with 20 other amazing girls. The winners were announced to us yesterday in an email and Elaina J of Hawaii won my set of earrings and necklace. Congrats Elaina! I am excited for you to get these!! You will love them like I do. So Utah has been […]

30 May 2013


Hell Night…somewhat a family tradition

So my Birthday always lands around memorial day and we usually have a family party that sunday. So we have that Monday off. We call it hell night. We celebrate my birthday with family and then we usually stay up all night playing cards, karaoke, bon fires, so many different games. With everyone getting older […]

29 May 2013


Not because she is my sister…

So if you haven’t hear of an amazing blog called Red Runner. Go check her out. She is a fitness blogger who has amazing healthy tips. And yes I am biased because she is my sister, but let me give you a little back story for you. My sister at a young age was sick […]

28 May 2013


5 Things about me tag

So I have been tagged by Reid the-fashion-blender.blogspot.com in the 5 Things about me Tag. I am suppose to share five random things about myself. So here we go…Don’t judge. 1. I love music and I have contemplated singing in public…but to big of a sissy. 2. I used to own three Iguanas, I am obsessed […]

25 May 2013


Ya I went there

So lately there has been so many judgements flying around that I am just kinda sick of. The whole issue on abstinence and sex. Ya it is a dirty topic. But let me do a disclaimer. Again this is my opinion. I don’t judge I really don’t and we all think differently. I understand that. […]

23 May 2013


My love of polka dots, and beYOUtiful You Giveaway

I love polka dots, I would paint myself polka dotted if I could! Ok maybe not but I do love polka dots. They are just so happy, and cute and so fifties 🙂 I love it. Check out below my post…You won’t regret seeing this massive giveaway impregnated with awesomeness!! Wish I could enter 🙂 […]

22 May 2013


Leather and polka dots+ Bigfootsuzie Giveaway

Let me start off sayin my thoughts and prayers go out to those in Oklahoma. I cannot imagine dealing with that kind of tragedy. All those poor kids and their families. Let us all send our thoughts prayers and love their way. Love you Oklahoma.  Have you seen these shirts everywhere like I have…And there […]

21 May 2013