Ok who just wants to sleep in today!? I love love love blazers, if I could I would have one in every stinking color. I love how it dresses up an outfit, but you can still make it casual. It is not a run of the mills outfit. It is a little different but I […]

8 May 2013


Tribal Fever

I’ve been having a week from hell so excuse the non witty intro. Hope you all have a better week then me :). So I have been on the Tribal band wagon before it was cool. I bought this shirt two years ago from forever 21. It was an accidental order..it didn’t have a tag […]

7 May 2013


Dress into a Shirt

No to another Monday ewww!! So I have a high low dress that I love and I wanted to wear it but I wasn’t wanting to wear a skirt. So I decided to wear it as a shirt. A little different but I like it. I felt a little grunge today. But had to keep […]

6 May 2013


Blog swap with Red Runner plus a giveaway!

Hey guys I have swapped blogs with lilredrunner.blogspot.com. Isn’t she awesome! Plus she has a giveaway going on! Hey guys! I have a special treat for you! You can actually burn more calories just by eating! SAY WHAT???? It’s true! Now before you go and dive into your pantry, it actually depends on the TYPE […]

3 May 2013


Coupon Connect with Kali Now Living

Hey shoppers! Coupons! Some of us like them… Some of us don’t. I used to hate coupons. I refused to use them. After getting married and realizing I was wasting money not using them I fell in love. You get to buy more or save more. Not always the case but most of the time! […]

2 May 2013


Nailing the right look.

I love love love nail polish. I suck royaly at doing my nails. But that’s besides the point. I know a really great girl (Kali) who is awesome with nails. I mean check out some of these pics:I really want to try this first blue one. I think they are adorable!! All credits go to miss […]

1 May 2013


Hats off!

Good Morning… Moving is the worst. Clothing everywhere you cannot find everything that you need so I apologize you might get some re runs until I get everything together. I apologize but this has been so chaotic. Plus we don’t really have the Internet yet so I am using my parents until we get hooked […]

30 Apr 2013


Come at me Bro!

Good morning!! Ok for those of you who share the faith this story is ingrained to us from birth. But today it brought on a whole new meaning for me. I have always been partial to this story. Because in a way I kind of understand this event going down. For those of you who […]

29 Apr 2013


Moving day!

It is finally here and I cannot believe it! After so much heart break, blood, sweat and tears we found the perfect place! We are so excited. We went and signed last night and omg the amount of paper work. But the process went so fast for Brandon and I. We have the best realtor. […]

26 Apr 2013